Twitter Angles to Legalise Child Rape etc.

I’ve sort-of Tweeted once in my life … Not even sure if my Tweet actually materialised anywhere. But then I lost interest. The whole process took about five minutes.

It was a lucky escape.

I had no idea at the time that Twitter only accepts users who believe it’s okay for adults to prey on young children for paid and forced sex.

Twitter also only wants users who agree that it’s acceptable for nut jobs and worse to assassinate political figures, to kill people because of their skin color, to hate Jews, and to mindlessly support Iran.

Indeed, Twitter will ban any user who tries to disavow support for any of the above.

So, if you’re an active Twitter user, then, by default, you’ve chosen to accept Twitter’s twisted ideological terms of service.

I made this horrific discovery after reading the article linked below, which appeared on the Web Site of Laura Loomer, a candidate for US Congress.

Loomer, vilified by the media and by Big Tech for exposing their criminality, is an honest, honorable person fighting a righteous cause, and she needs to be supported.