American Airlines: Fly the Terrorist Skies

Current and future “American” Airlines ticket holders were left angry, nervous and confused recently when “American” Airlines corporate gave permission for its on-board staff to wear pins celebrating the most active terrorist groups in the world today: Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

BLM and Antifa (Blantifa) are funded by shady billionaires who are quietly looking on as their money and obscene and inhuman totalitarian playbook of race-baiting and racial divide rips much of the Western World apart.

“American’s” choice to openly support these two murderous terrorist organizations has generated much angry criticism from “American” employees who don’t support terrorism, whose family members are trying to fight terrorism, and who believe they will be pressured into wearing the pins on pain of accusations of racism and fired or demoted if they don’t.

We have already seen how, like Hitler’s Brownshirts, Blantifa implicitly forces knee-banding submission, and overtly terrorises anyone it considers not supportive of its (or, rather, its funders’ cause) by forcing them to make a Nazi-type, arm-raising salutes and to repeat the name of a young girl tragically killed and whose death Blantifa’s money-men have been cynically leveraging into an excuse for the imposition of their grotesque political violence.

Hey, “American” Airlines!

Here’s an idea: why not really show your dogged support for terrorism by allowing Blantifa to declare any of your flights to be too white, rename it Flight 11, and fly it into a large building, since, as Blantifa claims, that kind of violence (“by any means necessary“) is the only way to further their cause and, now, yours?

Loads of dead dissenters and white people, which is Blantifa’s goal, a goal you have just endorsed and adopted, and nobody could ever accuse you of being racist ever again.  A win-win for you and Blantifa.

How does September 11, 2020 work for you?