Does America Still Deserve its Freedom?

Americans have always viewed themselves as a brave and morally sound people.

But, are they really?

The 2020 Presidential election is going to give them the opportunity to answer this question by pushing brave and moral Americans into the Donald Trump camp, and everyone else into the Fascist George Soros (Harris/Biden) camp.

Will Americans display the moral integrity and constitutional fortitude to ignore the global Trump-hating mainstream media, which has, for decades, served as nothing more than an unrelenting propaganda mill for the globalizers — those nameless, faceless multi-billionaires now entering the end game of what they have for decades called their “global reset”?

The “global reset” is just fancy name for the establishment of a global Technocratic/totalitarian “government” under the guise of “climate change”, an international crisis (e.g. Coronavirus), so-called “sustainability” (via the corrupt UN Agenda 21), and so-called social justice.?

Or, will Americans take a little time to understand the jeopardy they are exposing their children and grandchildren to and reject the Davos and World Economic Forum’s widely self-publicised totalitarian “global reset” being touted by the Biden campaign?

Will US voters have the guts to fight to keep alive the Constitutional Republic that has kept them free for more than two centuries?

Will they freely accept the serious duty they have to at least find out more about the ongoing schemes to illegitimately remove a duly elected president because he challenges the totalitarian “global reset” before making their vote?

Will they help President Trump satisfy the moral imperative to flush away the Washington DC Swamp and its political vampires, who are prepared to sell the country out to an endless regime of totalitarian globalisers, rather than relinquish its dark power?

I believe they will.

But I suppose we’ll see.