Pelosi’s Secret 2019 Written Plan for 2020 Junk Mail Coup

In 2019, the Democrats secretly got together with some complicit Republicans and wrote a “bipartisan” report on how they plan to commit massive mail-in voter fraud to win the November 3, 2020 Trump/Biden election.

According to the secret report, if the Democrats’ plan fails, they will greatly escalate the violence and insurrection already raging in the major cities and towns they have controlled for decades, and will seek to spread the anarchy to currently peaceful Republican-controlled municipalities nationwide.

The Transition Integrity Project Report is a 22-page description of how the Democrats will mail out millions of junk mail ballots, which their operatives will then illegally fill out and return in favour of Biden.

The report lays out in detail how the cheating Dems will loudly accuse President Donald Trump of being a dictator should he or anyone else dare to complain about their open fraud.

In the report, the secret group war-games various scenarios, whereby, if their fraud fails, they will incite violence and sedition to try to illegally chase Trump out of office.

The Trump administration has already filed objections in various states’ courts to the Democrats’ junk mail ballots, so it is possible that the courts will thwart the Democrats’ plans before they can be implemented.

However, it’s also possible that some judges will agree with the Trump administration and demand a clean election, while Obama-appointed judges will turn a blind eye and allow the Dems’ fraudulent junk mail election to proceed as a way to head off Obama’s potential criminal indictment for crimes he committed while in office.

This is the Democrats’ second attempt at staging a coup, as attested to by the recent indictments and convictions of FBI and other officials for their part in the outgoing Obama government’s illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign and presidency in 2016.

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