A Totalitarian Global Police Force is on its Way

The UK (and the world) is sleepwalking into the creation of a global police force that is designed to enforce global law created by global elites, and that is silently being constructed around our heads.

The new global police regime is coming in two parts. The first prong of the attack is a programme operated by the United States’ Department of Homeland Security, which will see armed US cops patrolling UK airports on the flimsy pretext of “combatting terrorism.” These cops will be immune from prosecution for crimes they might care to commit while they are here. Washington and London are currently discussing how the UK can participate in this programme, and they are doing so on our behalf, in our name, and with our blessing, but without asking our permission.

The second, separate programme, which you’ve probably never heard of, is the  UN-supported Strong Cities Network  (SCN). The SCN, like the first programme, is premised on the “combatting terrorism” lie, and it is building an internationally controlled and entirely undemocratic global policing regime to be executed on a local level.

Together, these two programs lay the ground for an unaccountable global police force that will ultimately support global governance.

Here’s how US Attorney General Loretta Lynch justifies the Strong Cities Network and the anti-democratic transition to a global police force generally, both of which she oversees in the US:

“As we continue to counter a range of domestic and global terror threats, this innovative platform will enable cities to learn from one another, to develop best practices and to build social cohesion and community resilience here at home and around the world.”

The US Department of Homeland Security, which wants US cops to patrol UK soil, and the Strong Cities Network big wigs are now bringing to life their insane and doomed plan to create a centrally controlled New World Order, and to do so using relentless fear mongering, war mongering, deceit, overwhelming and dehumanizing technology, and continual global surveillance and monitoring of everybody everywhere.

theresa may
Home Secretary Theresa May helping push the UK and the world toward Totalitarian global governance

Theresa May, who  should be protecting us from this totalitarian steam roller, has, instead, decided to facilitate its progress, not least by voluntarily opting the UK back into the EU’s crime and policing regime, thus starting the process of distancing local policing from local control. She has also slashed policing budgets, forcing desperate mergers of police forces into regional forces, which are much more convenient and controllable for both the Strong City Network and the EU’s Committee of the Regions.

Are we in the UK really going to allow our country to be policed by foreigners? Or are we going to insist that our peace officers remain locally accountable and controlled?

Are we really going to allow a “steering committee” of 25 faceless Strong Cities internationals to supplant our Home Office?

Are we really going to meekly watch as millions of Brits and others are disenfranchised, so that a handful of Technocrats, bankers and ideologues can refashion the world to their liking without us getting in their way?

No doubt some Kumbaya-addled morons will read the globalizers’ flowery words about global support, community building and how vital it is that we shut up and do what we’re told if want to remain safe, and they will shut up and meekly obey their new masters to keep themselves “safe”. But most people I suspect, particularly as they wake up to what’s going on, will see through the marketing of global Totalitarianism. They  will demand that our government stop its attempts to force, scare and trick us along this road to slavery.

Of course, an excellent way to register that demand and to take a huge step away from the totalitarian precipice would be to vote Leave in the Brexit referendum, and retake control of our government. But, irrespective of that vote, the open question of whether or not we want to submit to global rule by elites still needs to be addressed. And it needs to be addressed by us, and not by those rabid dogs salivating for  global governance, and it needs to be addressed soon, while we still retain some vestige of control over our own fate.

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