US Democrat Leaders Pelosi and Schumer Caught Covering-Up Long-Term Ties With Putin - Without any evidence at all, the Democrat leadership and corrupt Republicans, bolstered by CNN, the New York Times, the BBC, The Guardian, The Washington Post and other establishment fake news […]
Brexit Negotiations Will be a Sick Séance. Davis Must Concede Nothing to the EU Corpse. - In March, UK Brexit Secretary David Davis and his Merry Muddle of Mayberries will plonk themselves around an Article 50 negotiating table in an undisclosed basement somewhere in the vast, dank, labyrinthine […]
Clinton Proposal for Electoral College Auction One Step Closer to Becoming Law - Hillary Clinton’s radical 2007 proposal that “any natural or corporate person anywhere in the world” should be allowed to bid for control of the 538 Electoral College Elector votes that determine who […]
Rumours of the CIA Accusing Putin of Hacking the US Election are Much Exaggerated - The US has recently exploded into a George-Soros-manufactured political furore based on the false claim that the CIA has accused Russian President Putin of hacking Trump into the Oval Office. Problem […]
The CIA is Allowed to Lie to Us About Putin Hacking Trump into Office - So far, despite telling anyone who will listen that it has a damning report that proves that Russia’s Vladimir Putin hacked the US presidential election to help his best-bud Trump take […]
Brexit Stallingists™ and Trump Recounters Have Been Flushed Out. Now We Can Defeat Them for Good - The Trump recount, and the outbreak of Brexit Stallingists™ and Stallingism™  have started battles in an ugly cultural war that we must fight and win beginning right now if we are ever to reclaim the […]
Frivolous “Article 50” Law Suit Places Brexit Fate In The Hands Of The EU - The global corporate elite have filed a frivolous lawsuit to prevent the UK government from executing the clear will of the UK people to leave the EU. The suit will certainly fail […]
30,000 EU Fascists March Through London Demanding A Coup, And The UK Government Yawns - Thirty thousand frothing, flag-waving, EU-inspired fascists just marched through downtown London under the  flag of a foreign power, and openly instigating a Ukraine-type coup of the UK’s democratically-elected government. Yet nobody in […]
Why Are We Letting Cameron Off The Article 50 Hook So Damned Easily? - Gove? May? Leadson? Someone is going to be  the next Prime Minister. That’s a given. It’s also little more than a distraction for a country that is now trapped in an anxious […]
Liechtenstein Deal Offers A Brexit Solution We Can All Agree On - The UK could leave the EU, keep full access to the single market, preserve all existing trade agreements, make its own trade deals outside the EU, and dump the nation-destroying free movement of people, without […]