Islamophobia: The Unacknowledged 800lb Fake Word in the Fake Feminist, Fake LGBT Activist, Fake SJW Rooms

Last week, I saw three monsters on YouTube throw a man off of a high rooftop. After he landed, his body shattered and bleeding in the street but not quite dead, some other men hurled large rocks at him, hitting him in the head, body and on his broken limbs. He barely flinched, but that was enough to see that he felt every blow of every stone before he died a violent gruesome death that those who killed him deserve and that he didn’t.

He was accused of being homosexual. That’s why he was brutally murdered. His murderers had no other choice, since, apparently, their God told them 1,400 years ago that their actions were necessary and righteous.

Yet, oddly, yesterday, I saw footage of a Gay Pride March protesting unequal rights for the LGBT “Community” (whatever that is.) and there were no signs protesting against people throwing their community members from buildings and stoning them to death. Apparently, that’s not as pressing an issue to the LGBT community as which bathroom they are allowed to pee in.

A few months ago, I read an account of more than 1,400 young English and Sikh girls raped, sexually assaulted and, in some cases, murdered. Their attackers were blessed for their actions by their God.

Parents who tried to save them were arrested. The media that was supposed to expose their mistreatment looked the other way. And the social service workers and police officers paid to protect them simply offered up more children to be raped by pedophiles in the name of a God.

Oh, and I’ve seen several stories in the past two years about women in Sweden, Germany and other European countries being beaten, sexually assaulted and raped en masse and in the name of an imported God.

Yet Feminists have shown more outrage at President Trump’s outrageous misogyny in calling MSNBC TV host Mika Brzezinski “low IQ” than they ever have in condemning the mass rapes of their sisters. In fact, the global mistreatment of women in the name of a God seems to have blissfully passed them by altogether.

I’d like to assume that, deep down, the Feminists, LGBT community, and social justice warriors generally who chose to pretend these atrocities aren’t happening are good people. But how can I? Good people don’t condone and facilitate murdering gays, kidnapping and murdering young girls, and raping women en masse because they are considered no more than chattel.

So what is it that turns good people into accomplices to hate, murder and rape?

It’s a single, manufactured, fake word: Islamophobia.

The fake Feminist, fake LGBT rights activist and other fake SJW accomplices to these horrible crimes believe that there is no shame worse than being labelled Islamophobic by people they don’t know. Their pathological capacity for equivocation and denial to avoid such labelling is spectacular.

The problem is, their self-indulgent terror is misplaced. Engaging in Islamophobia comes way, way down the possible list of harms people can inflict on their fellow Human Beings.

Rape. Murder. Pedophilia. Major theft. GBH. Major fraud. Car theft. Libel … The list of crimes worse than Islamophobia is long.

In fact, the list of harms, criminal or not, that are worse than Islamophobia is long: Bankruptcy. Homelessness. The chilling of free speech …

Ask a Muslim woman what she would prefer, to be raped or be called an Islamophobic name. Ask a Muslim man what he would prefer, to have his car stolen or be ignored by an Islamophobic taxi driver on a rainy night.

You know, if someone were chucking Muslim men off of buildings and raping and murdering Muslim women and children because a God told them to, you fake Feminists, fake LGBT activists, and fake SJW’s would be first in line to sign up to march to protest that brutality.

But then again, nobody could possibly call you Islamophobic for doing that.


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