Rumours of the CIA Accusing Putin of Hacking the US Election are Much Exaggerated

loose-lipsThe US has recently exploded into a George-Soros-manufactured political furore based on the false claim that the CIA has accused Russian President Putin of hacking Trump into the Oval Office.

Problem is, this  isn’t true; the CIA has made no such accusation.

As The Daily Caller News Foundation rightly points out:

The CIA has not issued any public statements, and all assertions are based on anonymous leaks.

Why is this, I wonder?

If the CIA is actually so concerned and confident about Putin hacking the US’ demcoracy, a truly momentous event were it true, then where are the CIA’s spokespeople telling us that? Where’s the press conference?

And why is the CIA so pointedly avoiding appearing before the Congressional oversight committees it answers to, to formally advise them about the alleged hacking?

There is a hardcore of Soros-funded Clintonites who realize that the $2 billion of free advertising Clinton’s corrupt Democratic National Party, and her media outlets, such as CNN, spent or arranged to elevate Trump as a straw man Republican nominee worked too well; it elevated Trump beyond straw man status and into a popular president-elect come December 19, 2016.

communistsThe CIA, from the shadows and via its mainstream media, is now blitzing the US electorate, and particularly the Electoral College voters who must officially make Trump president-elect on December 19, 2016, but who don’t have to, with scare stories of Reds Under the Bed.

Several Electoral College voters are saying that they won’t confirm Trump’s election, and the CIA is trying its hardest to force others to join them.

soros-open-societyIf the CIA can scare 37 Electoral voters into betraying their states’ voters by refusing to deliver their votes to DC on December 19 as instructed, then Congress will decide who will be the next US president, not US voters.

While Congress is nominally Republican, it is actually globalist, and Trump is going to be the anti-global governance president that the US and the Western World so badly needs. Many of Trump’s supposed fellow Republicans hate him for threatening their ideology and source of power and income.

The outcome will be that Congress will NOT vote for Trump to be President.

And George Soros, the big banks, Walmart and other criminal globalizing people and organizations will have won a victory that will once and for all destroy America and the viability of the self-governing democratic nation-state worldwide.


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