Clinton Proposal for Electoral College Auction One Step Closer to Becoming Law

hillary-drinkHillary Clinton’s radical 2007 proposal that “any natural or corporate person anywhere in the world” should be allowed to bid for control of the 538 Electoral College Elector votes that determine who becomes President of the United States, just took a step closer to becoming US law.

President Barack Obama, who derided his then-presidential campaign opponent’s proposed law as being “racist and Islamophobic and the opposite of change” said he was pleased by the recent developments.

“As I’ve said all along, this proposed new law is not racist or Islamophobic in any way. It is patriotic and non-racist and non-Islamophobic, and it represents exactly the change that the country needs in these ever-changing times. American citizens will fall into line behind it immediately.”

The agreement concludes an exhausting late-Tuesday afternoon of negotiations between “Joe”, the anonymous representative appointed by Obama to represent the 538 Electoral College voters and Goldman Sachs, the US government’s appointed chief negotiator.

The private negotiations were overseen by ABC’s  Martha Raddatz, an Obama appointee, who was charged with assuring that the negotiations were not unduly hampered by the truth.

Electoral College Electors voted unanimously to sign a pledge that will commit them and future Voters to delivering their state’s electoral votes “to the highest bidder, so long as that bidder is rich enough to actually pay up.”

“This is an exciting day for democracy and the US voter. A day that will be remembered as the day the United States of America finally put aside its divisive political bickering and finally united behind a truly democratic, Constitutional, and efficient method of choosing its leader,” an excited Clinton told Raddatz following the negotiations.

Clinton added: “It’s been a long row to hoe. A few bigots, racists, Islamophobes and those against real change, and so many other deplorables were unhappy with the outcome.

“We live in a democracy in which national security is paramount and the will of the people must be respected, and, frankly, that seems to bother some people.”

The proposed new law faces one last hurdle: a skeptical Barack Obama’s signature that will pass the Executive Order making it US law.

weiner-popAnthony Weiner, Obama’s new Assistant to the Deputy Whitehouse Spokesman’s Asistant and recent recipient of the Clinton Foundation’s Medal for Outstanding Service to Child Protection, struggling to be heard over an extended loud round of applause from the press pool for his child protection award, cautioned that the President’s signature is not a given.

“Don’t forget that there are still a few pretty powerful racist and Islamophobic populists out there who are claiming that this new law to empower 538 people to override the votes of hundreds of millions of electors is somehow ‘undemocratic’.”

“The President himself has also expressed some very grave concerns about this proposed new law,” Wiener added.

“He’s not going to put the remarkable reputation he’s earned with the American people over the past eight years on the line lightly. Neither, I will add, am I.”


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