The CIA is Allowed to Lie to Us About Putin Hacking Trump into Office

intelligence-articleSo far, despite telling anyone who will listen that it has a damning report that proves that Russia’s Vladimir Putin hacked the US presidential election to help his best-bud Trump take office, the CIA has presented no evidence to anyone to support its accusation.

Worse yet, the CIA, (notably, nobody at the CIA will put their name to these accusations and this report), has refused to appear in front of the US Congressional Committee that oversees the CIA, the FBI and all the other US intelligence agencies to explain itself.

Apparently, the entire CIA is just too darned busy investigating its own unsubstantiated accusations against well-known Internet troll Putin to be able to spare a single body to answer to Congress, despite being legally obligated to do.

As we’ve learned over the years, the CIA doesn’t have much truck with evidence. It says. We believe. It commits crimes, including drug running, gun running, murder and treason, in the name of the US people, and someone at the CIA gets a medal for being patriotic. That’s how it’s always worked.

But this appears to no longer be the case. There is suddenly a groundswell of resistance to having blind faith in the CIA’s pronouncements.

The most significant wave of which has come from both the Congressional Homeland Security Committee, which oversees the CIA, and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

According to those committees, there’s no evidence, nor is there a US intelligence agency consensus, as the CIA falsely claims, that supports the CIA’s accusations against Russia, against “president-elect” Trump, against the thousands of election officials who ran  the election, and against Americans generally.

US Congressman Peter King, a member of both of those committees, even goes so far as to say that it is “disgraceful” that the CIA is refusing to appear before those committees to explain itself and to justify its baseless accusations.

Other US intelligence agencies also challenge the veracity and motives of the CIA’s accusations.

The FBI, for example, says outright  that the CIA is full of bull hockey when it comes to Putin.

And the head of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the other (known) intelligence agencies, says he does not support the claims the CIA has made about Russia.

Everyone except the CIA seems to agree that the CIA is lying to us all. But here comes the twist in the tale: The US government long ago shamefully allowed the CIA to lie to other countries as a means to destabilize them and cause regime change. At that time, it was legally barred from doing the same to the American people.

It’s funny how immoral decisions often backfire on those who make them, in this case the US people. Now, thanks to a new law, the CIA is legally allowed to lie to Americans to forcibly engineer regime change as though they were citizens of some pesky Banana Republic.

So, the question becomes, even if the CIA is lying to us all about Putin hacking Trump into office, is it doing anything it shouldn’t? Can anyone be held accountable for that lie? And is there now any legal way to stop the CIA from persisting with that lie and from fabricating up other “revelations” as it needs to?

Clearly, the CIA’s increasingly impotent mainstream media is working overtime to push the lie that Putin stole the election from Hillary Clinton, either out of revenge for her brazen war mongering against Russia, or, maybe, just for a lark.

So we can’t hold any hope the CIA will decide to start telling the truth any time soon. And we can’t force them to do so as a matter of law.

So, what do we do now?

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