Brexit Stallingists™ and Trump Recounters Have Been Flushed Out. Now We Can Defeat Them for Good

stallingism-article-nec-interThe Trump recount, and the outbreak of Brexit Stallingists and Stallingism  have started battles in an ugly cultural war that we must fight and win beginning right now if we are ever to reclaim the right to live ordinary decent lives unmolested by the self-appointed, corporatist global elite and their useful idiot  “Progressive” minions.

The world is finally evolving to shake off decades of “progressive” — aka corporatist — control wielded anonymously from the shadows by the likes of George Soros and his merry band of global fascists.

Their collective invisible hand of deceit has grotesquely disfigured and geo-politically re-engineered the world’s consciousness, one proscribed tought at a time, since at least the 1970s.

This was when they unleashed their neo-Con dogma, which has set the world ablaze with illegal war after war, and their so-called Green Revolution, which is the lie that is slowly smothering individual liberty, democracy, and the free world with unaccountable and tyrannical global lawmaking.

It s a lie spread through a toxic matrix of illegal global institutions, such as the World Bank, the IMF,  and the United Nations’ sterile and soulless machinery.

But we, the cowed masses that these monsters have preyed on for so long, are suddenly awakened, and we have shoved the world’s grey-suited, unseen enemy and their agenda into the cleansing glare of day. Finally, we, the ordinary people can once again see the  empty-eyed faces of our natural, mortal enemy.

Now we can fight their ugly ideology face-to-face.

In this, as in any battle, chaos will initially reign. There are no uniforms in this war and the battle lines are wide and vague. Foxholes won’t protect us, and the enemy never has us out of its crosshairs. The generals will sit above the fray, while the infantry battle it out in newspaper comments forums, on social media and, most importantly, in personal research and reflection.

The three “R”s of Research, Reflection and Rethinking are the most potent weapon we can wield in this war. The enemy tells us this by attacking it first and hardest, by declaring any information damaging to them that comes from a source it doesn’t control to be “fake news”.

Their goal is to dissuade us from challenging the hypnotizing narrative they write for us daily and that conceals their many, many crimes and misdeeds.

We must resist our conditioned response to attack each other as “conspiracy theorists” and such, and we must understand that wars are seldom linear, information wars even less so.

A recount here and a court decision there will seem to shove the corporatist forward. A challenge to the recount and a hastily drafted Bill to allow for Brexit to move ahead will seem to push ordinary people deeper into enemy territory.

Occasionally, a bomb will land unexpectedly behind our lines, startling the Hell out of us all.

The good news is that, previously when this happened, when the bomb was the accusation of racism because we had an unapproved thought, or the accusation that we’re destroying the planet because we asked an unapproved question, we cowered. We unquestioningly retreated into a defeated paralysis, letting the enemy roll over us; we didn’t know who was lobbing the bombs at us, nor when they might lob another.

Things have changed.

We now see the enemy. They have been flushed out to where we can confront them, and we must, one battle at a time. Our children and grandchildren must not be forced to fight this war for us.

We will do this in the form of repelling belligerent recounts, and in the form of holding the Brexit line firm,  even as the enemy seeks to bamboozle and confound us with accusations and lies. We will seek out and trust in hard evidence over enemy disinformation, and we will arm ourselves with the truth to neutralize their lies.

We’ve finally been given the chance to fight the unseen hand that’s been shoving us all down for so long.

Our generals — Trump, Farage, Jones, Paul … — must provide us with the leadership we need to win us this  war once and for all, and to send these corporatist demons and their useful idiot minions back to the Hell they came from.


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