Frivolous “Article 50” Law Suit Places Brexit Fate In The Hands Of The EU

EU kangaroo-courtThe global corporate elite have filed a frivolous lawsuit to prevent the UK government from executing the clear will of the UK people to leave the EU.

The suit will certainly fail in the UK’s highest court.

The problem, however, is that the lawsuit does not need to have merit in the UK Supreme Court for it ultimately to succeed on appeal to the Orwellianly-named European Court of Justice.

This is because, even though, on its face, the suit challenges UK Parliamentary practice, it is, at its heart, a dispute centred on how an EU member nation interprets, for the first time ever, implementation of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the only legal mechanism for a member state to leave the EU.

And decisions on the interpretation of EU treaties are the exclusive domain of the EU’s ECJ.

Specifically, if our High Court rules against the law suit’s filers, and states unequivocally that the UK government interpreted Article 50 reasonably, the Corporatist elite will then have the opportunity to appeal that domestic decision to the ECJ.

The ECJ is a kangaroo court, whose only purpose is to legally grease the wheels of the EU juggernaut.

Would anyone care to suggest what an EU “court” purposed solely with ensuring that the EU’s fascistic agenda persists, will rule on the legality of a net-contributing member nation’s decision to escape the EU’s control via implementation of Article 50.

The EU looked fascistic and dodgy enough before the Brexit vote, when everyone assumed that voters would return a Remain mandate.

But, after this duplicitous legal sleight-of-hand, Cameron’s EU will expose itself as what it is: a tyranny that no free people should want any part of.

And that resistance should include the UK government ignoring any decision handed down by the ECJ that in any way inhibits the UK from doing what it chooses and needs to, to escape the EU as quickly and sensibly as possible.


  1. Leaving the EU is not complicated.

    All we have to do is repeal the European Communities Act 1972. this legislation committed us to membership so technically repealing it removes that commitment and removes us from the club.

    It is worth noting that this act was passed by Ted Heath’s government before the referendum to join the EEC in 1974, as was his signing of the 1957 Treaty of Rome committing us also to the EU.

    He deliberately misled the public about loss of sovereignty. Therefore we were committed to being ‘in the club’ and committed to a union with the other member states without our knowledge and without our permission.


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