The UK Government and the EU Commission Are Slowly Merging, Thanks to Vote Leave

Is anyone surprised that the UK government is looking and sounding more and more like the elitist, anti-democratic EU Commission every day?

Threats. Lies. Bullying. Blame-throwing. Dysfunction. Dissembling. And now, in the best EU Commission tradition, the UK government is going to use its Vote Leave Brexit campaign to arbitrarily disenfranchise millions of UK citizens who dared to refuse to embrace the elitist ideology inherent in a Remain Brexit vote.

Vote Leave, which Cameron created to provide a façade of democracy in a predetermined Remain walk over, never wanted a Brexit.  It was designed with built-in obsolescence, to be used once and then disposed of following a Remain landslide, never to be heard from again.

Vote Leave’s unplanned longevity, caused by the Leave result, has wrong-footed Cameron and derailed his elitist Remain agenda. This fact was painfully evident in the funereal tone of the  “Oh Shit! Now what do we do?!” Vote Leave “victory” speech, given by  fellow elitists, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.

Obviously, since Vote Leave was disposable, it now lacks both a plan and a timetable to take us out of the EU.  In fact, its platform includes nothing at all that could ever result in the UK leaving the EU.

Vote Leave does, however, assure us that, despite Cameron’s explicit promise to do so, our government will NOT be activating Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which would start  the Brexit process, any time soon — or, indeed, ever.

Vote Leave’s choice to walk through a democratic Brexit mandate as if it doesn’t exist resembles closely the EU Commission’s 2005 decision to abandon its failing EU-wide referendums asking voters to adopt a “European Constitution”, which would have made the EU a sovereign nation.

The EU, instead, rebranded the European Constitution the “Lisbon Treaty”, which, a few years later, an orchestrated political elite then duly rammed down the throats of all of those who had rejected it, and were about to reject it.

Similarly, Vote Leave is now on the verge of rebranding the Leave vote as a reluctant Remain mandate, and then ramming that mandate down the throats of 17 million UK voters who unequivocally rejected it.

I can only assume that the Vote Leave elitists are completely blind to the message tied to the Leave brick that was just heaved through their Remain window — that political elites are very quickly — and rightly — becoming an endangered, invasive species in the UK.

In everyone’s interest, Vote Leave needs to invoke Article 50 and, in the meantime and immediately, revoke the 1972 European Communities Act, which places EU law over UK law in the UK.


  1. You think we should immediately revoke the 1972 European Communities Act?

    Doing so would immediately exit us from the EU – no Article 50, no 2 years to negotiate.

    So that means we are immediately put on disadvantegeous WTO terms for all our EU trade, our banks lose their passporting rights immediately & we are then in a much weakened position in our negotiations with the EU for a trade deal.

    Thank God you’re not in charge – unless you’re trying to take us down to 7th largest economy in the world, in which case, bravo!


    1. The ECA is a domestic act that puts into UK law the permission for the UK to enact — without further Parliamentary involvement — a slew of EU-level rules, regs etc. Just because we revoke the two sections (2 and 3) of the ECA that facilitate that method of adoption of EU law, that doesn’t mean we can’t adopt EU law in the “old fashioned” pre-ECA way: by putting it to our Parliament first.

      My point being that revoking Sections 2 and 3 of the ECA isn’t the same as leaving the EU wholesale. Its merely relieving us of the domestic obligation regarding automatically adopting foreign-made (EU) laws, regs etc.


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