We Voted To Leave The EU, But There Will Be No Brexit

Already, the same self-appointed, power-drunk elite that UK voters rejected by opting to escape the EU Volker-kerker last night, is now telling us that it will not honour the emphatic instruction of the UK people to take their country out of the European Union.

This shameless usurpation of the democratic system began immediately, when David Cameron, a liar and a coward, chose to flee office rather than keep his word to us that he would trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon “Treaty”, which begins the leave process, immediately upon a Leave vote.

It’s no surprise to anyone that a Prime Minister whose main talent and achievement is deceit should choose to end his tenure on the biggest of all of his lies.

What will surprise many, though, is that the people they trusted to take us out of the EU – Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Gisela Stuart and the rest — were always planning to keep us in it.

This ploy was evident when the profoundly corrupt UK Electoral Commission effectively turned the UK into a Banana Republic by giving control of both sides of the referendum debate to David Cameron.

It was evident when Boris Johnson, the serpent, Dan Hannan, and Michael Gove initially floated the idea of a Leave vote being used as leverage for better EU terms and a second referendum, and not as a way for the UK to actually leave the EU.

They shelved that idea when it raised the ire of genuine Leave voters.

Some might argue that, in relinquishing office, Cameron paid a high price for giving us this referendum. But this isn’t true.

David Cameron, along with every “leader” of an EU inmate nation, accepts that he or she  is disposable when it comes to preserving the EU’s ugly totalitarian ideology; the “Project” always comes first and there’s always another EU-obedient national leader waiting in line.

Johnson is merely the next square of toilet paper on the prime ministerial roll, to be ripped off, used by the EU, and discarded at some point in the future, as is necessary to keep the EU’s totalitarian bowels moving.

Cameron tells us the next prime minister will decide in October whether or not to trigger Article 50. But why would someone who never made the promise to trigger Article 50 abide by Cameron’s promise to do so?

If Johnson is our next Prime Minister, we now know he will never honour Cameron’s false promise.

The sole glimmer of hope for the nation — again — is Nigel Farage, whose Brexit platform the invidious Vote Leave channeled to win the Leave vote, even as they ostracized him.

Farage alone wisely preempted Vote Leave’s current duplicitousness months ago, arguing that UKIP needs to remain strong and to grow even stronger after a Leave vote to force our universally pro-EU political infrastructure to carry out the expressed will of the people of the UK.

We must give him and UKIP that power right now by supporting whatever measures UKIP takes to force Cameron, Johnson, Stuart and the rest of the Vote Leave dissemblers to behave like what they are: public servants.

And to stop acting like what they arrogantly believe themselves to be: the country’s parents.

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