UK Voters Must Force The Government To Trigger Article 50 Immediately Or Lose Their Chance Of Ever Leaving The EU

The snake, Daniel Hannan, MEP, and his slithering Vote Leave posse are again talking about not triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon “Treaty” — the clause that will officially put us on the path out of the EU.

Instead, they are suggesting that, despite the unambiguous Leave vote registered by UK voters, we should remain an EU inmate nation and have a second Brexit referendum a year or two from now on better, renegotiated, EU membership terms.

Since Vote Leave MPs will form our government in a few months, they will surely get away with this crime. That’s why we MUST try to stop them now, before they get into office.

And we need to push the issue on the ground, by immediately starting a non-violent guerilla war, dedicated to doing all that is within our power to let the Vote Leave snakes and the EU know that we — the people — are going to leave the EU, even if our government isn’t.

For example, all British businesses, where practical, must refuse to abide by the Single Market rules and regulations that are strangling them.

Motorists must place a Union Jack sticker over the ugly fascist symbol, the EU flag, on their registration plates.

Employers must let it be known that they will hire only British workers.

British landlords must make it known that they will rent to only British renters.

British businesses seeking contractors must make it known that they will accept bids from only British companies.

We must boycott the next EU “election” if the situation drags on that long.

Parents must unite to purge their children’s schools of all vile EU brainwashing “educational” material.

And someone needs to cover up all of those Swastika-like EU flags blighting the sides of so many British buildings that allegedly received non-existent “EU funding”.

There are likely hundreds of other ways we can engage and damage the enemy — the EU — non-violently. And we should try them all.

Vote Leave won this referendum, albeit on UKIP’s agenda, but Cameron was always in charge of both the Leave and the Remain campaigns, and now the EU globalizers, who Vote Leave answer to, are about to benefit from that anti-democratic heads-I-win, tails-you-lose arrangement; we voted to leave, but Vote Leave, when in government, will soon be able to permanently prevent that from happening.

Cowardice in the face of evil — and the EU is evil — is never an acceptable response from a free people. And the Vote Leave snakes are cowards to their core.

They are all more interested in their political careers than in giving the majority of the UK people what they have explicitly demanded.

That means that, now, we, the people, have the duty to take it for ourselves.

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