Remain Vote Must Transform Leave Voters Into Freedom Fighters

The Brexit referendum polls closed 45 minutes ago, and all the indicators are pointing to a Remain vote. (Assuming that all the Remain “certainty” isn’t a massive market manipulation with a profiteering whip in its tail!)

Those of us who simply refuse to be controlled by an unelected, unaccountable corporatist elite in Brussels need to slip as quickly as we can into a new mindset.

Specifically, we need to go from being campaigners to being a non-violent guerilla force, dedicated to doing all that is within our power to destroy the European Union from the inside.

For example, any business that does not trade with the EU must refuse to abide by the Single Market rules and regulations that are strangling them, while promoting the interests of global corporations.

Car owners must place a Union Jack sticker over the ugly fascist symbol, the EU flag, on their registration plates.

Employers must let it be known that they will hire only British workers.

British landlords must make it known that they will rent to only British renters.

British businesses seeking contractors must make it known that they will accept bids from only British companies.

We must boycott the next EU “election”.

Parents must unite to purge their children’s schools of all vile EU brainwashing “educational” material.

And someone needs to cover up all of those Swastika-like EU flags blighting the sides of so many British buildings that allegedly received non-existent “EU funding”.

There are likely hundreds of other ways we can engage and damage the enemy — the EU — non-violently. And we should try them all.

If Remain has, indeed, stolen this referendum — and, with Cameron being in charge of both the Leave and the Remain campaigns, and with Labour’s rampant postal vote fraud, “stolen” is the right word — then there is no such thing as graciously accepting defeat.

Cowardice in the face of evil — and the EU is evil — is never an acceptable response from a free people.

We simply do not have the right to surrender our children and grand children to a brutal enemy. And we must never do so.

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