A Perfectly Timed Remain Murder: A Recap of Events and People

Let’s recap events concerning and around the alleged murder of Remain advocate, Jo Cox.


  • A week before voting in the Brexit referendum, which, by all accounts, the Remain side were going to lose.eu balloons
  • A few days after the end of the secretive Bilderberg meeting of the world’s most powerful politicians and corporate figure in Germany, in which the main agenda item was how to prevent the UK voting for Brexit.
  • Just enough time to mount Project Mourn, in which teddy bears wearing EU Tee-shirts and votive candles will play a prominent role.

The Alleged Murder Victim:

  • Jo Cox, an ardent and conspicuous Remain campaigner, who has worked for the EU and for Neil Kinnock, who, along with his family, has received massive EU largesse for his despicable and deceitful service to it.
  • A Labour MP, at a time when Labour is bleeding votes and support, and in a part of the country in which the bleeding is the worst.
  • A popular local woman known for her compassion and tolerance, as evidenced by having a female Muslim assistant, in whose arms she reportedly died, and, reportedly, spoke to, despite having been shot multiple times in the head and stabbed multiple times with a foot-long blade.

The Husband:

  • The first reported quote from Mr. Cox was, oddly, a veiled and timely accusation that the Leave campaign murdered his wife because she preferred Remain to Leave.

Witness Evidence:

  • At least one witness claims to have heard the alleged murderer shout the name of a minor and allegedly right wing — and registered — political party that just happen to have “Britain” in its name.
  • This convenient but vital Remain claim has not been substantiated, nor will it ever be substantiated.

The Reaction:

  • The vile Kinnocks are joined by other functionaries of the pro-EU, global political and economic elite, including a Canadian politician, in the gathering of a pro-Remain …

…Global Media Chorus:

  • Cox was undoubtedly a much-loved and honourable woman, and yet she wasn’t a global figure of the likes of Mohamed Ali or Nelson Mandela.
  • And yet a world press — from across the EU to the US — the near-totality of which is owned by four or five companies, who are overwhelmingly pro-EU, is treating her passing as though she were.

The Alleged Murderer:

  • The stereotypical mentally deranged loner, who we have now all been conditioned to disbelieve were he to challenge the media/Remain account of the act he allegedly committed.

A few of the questions that voters need to ask themselves before entering the Brexit referendum booth and placing a Remain vote in Cox’s memory, as they will soon be encouraged to do, are:

  • Why this killing?
  • Why now?
  • Why Cox, an EU-phile and Remain activist?
  • Why such a coordinated global media response?

Above all, voters need to ask themselves how much they trust the institutions — the EU, the global media, the global political elite, the Kinnocks etc — to tell them the truth.

And, if you don’t thrust these Remain institutions and people, then you must accept that these people are deploying their limitless media access, money and political power in an effort to shame, bully and manipulate you into voting to Remain.

If that’s okay with you, then vote Remain. The Kinnock family will be forever grateful to you.

Here’s a reasonable response to this murder from some reasonable people.

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