A Murdered MP Begins Cameron’s Project Mourn

Auguring what will become an era of the most inhumane political hardball in recent UK history, a Remain Labour MP has been murdered, allegedly by someone who shouted the name of a “far right” organization during her murder.

Notably, this crime was committed just a week prior to a Brexit referendum that the Remain side was on track to lose to a Leave campaign that it has constantly and dishonestly branded as “nationalistic.”

We don’t yet know all of the details of the inhuman killing of Jo Cox on a Yorkshire street. But we do know this:

The Remain side will politicize and replay this heinous act as many times as it can, as graphically as it can, and in as falsely somber tone as it can, and across as much media as it can, to leverage the horrible loss of life of a mother-of-two into as many Remain votes as it can.

Of course, every one of those ugly replays will be prefaced by a declaration of condolence for Ms. Cox’s family, by a “sincere” assurance that the statement is not political, and that we are all in this together.

And every speaker will take umbrage at any suggestion that they might be cynically using the murder to serve their political agenda to keep the UK in the EU.

But, the “See. Leave voters are a bunch of insane nationalists” message will still ring out loud and clear, based on nothing but a convenient claim made by an unnamed person that the alleged killer shouted a tacitly pro-Leave slogan during the murder.

We see this pro-Remain strategy brewing already in Remain advocate Jeremy Corbyn’s press release as reported by the Telegraph:

Mr Corbyn added: “In the coming days, there will be questions to answer about how and why she died.

Not unexpectedly, the Telegraph story somehow manages to include direct quotes from only Remain campaigners.

Taken together, Corbyn’s “tease” for the upcoming Leave blame game, and the Telegraph’s selectively pro-Remain quotes have already drawn the battle lines in Remain’s desperate and depraved revised referendum strategy.

I wonder which Remainer will be — or, at this point just a few hours after the killing, might have already been — the first to openly cross that line, and to overtly politicize Ms. Cox’s gruesome death in their service of the murderous EU.

Whoever that person is, I say shame on you.

Sadly, the UK has crossed its Rubicon today.

Our government, having failed to please its EU masters with its Project Fear, its Project Threat, its Project Punish, and its Project Lies, has now embarked on something worse than any of those: Project Mourn.

And Project Mourn will work at least long enough to serve its Remain purpose of keeping the  UK inside the EU volker-kerker.

No doubt, EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker – a drunkard, a bully, a fraud, a thief and a liar – and George Soros — who funds hate globally — will be quietly smiling to themselves at the Remain surge that will result from the news of this timely “nationalistic” killing.

Actually, you know what, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to hear that members of the Juncker/Soros global gang of thugs were eagerly anticipating the fruits of this pro-Remain murder, or one just like it, long before it happened…


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