Cameron Concedes Brexit Defeat: Opens New “Single Market” Front in His Assault on the People

David Cameron has conceded defeat in the Brexit referendum, and he is already consolidating what’s left of his beleaguered and teetering Remain forces at a second front: the post-Brexit renegotiations required under the terms of the Lisbon “Treaty”.

This renegotiation is supposed to assure that the EU/UK separation will be conducted in no more than two years, executed in good faith, and implemented to the mutual, long-term benefit of all involved.

This will mean nothing to the EU, of course. Anyone who follows the EU Commission understands that it doesn’t do “mutual benefit”. It views itself as the 800lb gorilla in the room, who will sleep and defecate whenever and wherever it damn  well pleases.

And anyone familiar with Cameron’s underwhelming and, frankly, cowardly, “renegotiation” performance knows that he isn’t about to ask an 800lb gorilla to do anything it doesn’t want to.

That’s why he and others in the Remain camp, such as Remain flunky Elizabeth Truss, are now obsessively “pivoting” to the Apocalyptic dangers of the UK leaving the ultimately meaningless “Single Market”, and away from the more general scare mongering around the dangers of Brexit, per se.

They are stockpiling their rhetorical ammo to be deployed thus, post-Brexit:

Yes, we are out of the EU, but that’s no reason for us to make the fatal blunder of leaving the ‘Single Market’. Therefore, we will negotiate the best deal we can that retains our access to the ‘Single Market’ as a non-EU member state. To do that, we will have to continue to re-commit to the ‘Single Market’s’ four freedoms, of movement of goods, capital, services and workers.

Perversely, Cameron will promise us that he will insist that we are allowed to retain these four “freedoms”, so that we can have our Brexit cake and eat it, too; he will. Baldrick-like, cunningly position us outside the bad EU, but inside the good EU.

Cameron is already preparing us for a post-Brexit negotiation that effectively draws a red line at us leaving the EU, by telling us that it would be “self-harm” for us to leave the “Single Market” (note: not the EU) for any reason.

Access to the “single Market”, he’ll tell us during his Brexit negotiations,  is way too important to be traded away on the whim of something as fickle as the “populist” (i.e. democratic) mandate of the British people, who, after all, have no moral right to speak for half a billion other EU citizens. The EU Commission will deign to support him in this claim.

Why would Cameron commit such a blatant act of treachery against the people he is supposed to have pledged his loyalty to?

There are a number of reasons why Cameron will try to ensure that the UK’s borders remain open post-Brexit. Those reasons involve the terroristic agenda of global banking and other powers that Cameron subscribes to and that are driving mass immigration worldwide. Mass immigration is a central component of the coordinated TTIP-type global attack on the nation state being waged by big corporations and their handful of “elite” owners.

That investigation, though, is complicated and for another time.

Suffice it to say that Cameron is marching to a corporatist globalizing tune, and not to the increasing drumbeat for independence and democracy resonating across the UK. Like Napoleon, however, Cameron has foolishly marched his Remain army into a frozen wasteland of lies and scare mongering, from which he is desperately trying — and failing — to march them back out of.

Cameron’s strategic ineptitude has left him flat-footed, paralyzed and exposed as a self-declared domestic enemy of the UK. This, alone, renders him unfit for the office he currently holds, and we need to kick him out of it before he uses that elevated position as a bunker from which to coordinate another “Single Market” attack on us post-Brexit.

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