British Chambers of Commerce Fudges Reporting on Own Study Showing Almost All UK Businesses are pro-Brexit

Perspective is the second casualty of war. The first, as we’re seeing every day from Cameron and his gaggle of Remain liars and fear mongers, is the truth.

The deceased perspective in this case applies to the Remains’ deceitful claim that the majority of UK businesses want the UK to remain in the EU.

No they don’t. At least, not according to the latest British Chambers of Commerce study.

Not that the BCC will tell you this. Rather, the BCC has fudged the results of its own study to “show” that the majority of UK businesses want the UK to Remain in the EU.

This conclusion — arrived at by an EU-funded and unabashedly pro-EU establishment organ — is only “true” if the study’s results are analyzed solely from the perspective of those businesses who actually trade with the EU.

Yet, those much vaunted pro-EU businesses represent a tiny fraction of the businesses driving the UK economy. It is the more than 90% of businesses who don’t trade with the EU that generate 87% of the entire British economy.

Tellingly, 94% of this massive majority of UK business want the UK to Leave the EU, according to the BCC’s own study.

To recap: The BCC’s own study reveals that  94% of more than 90% of all UK businesses, which account for 87% of the entire British economy, want the UK to leave the EU.

And yet, the British Chambers of Commerce tells us that there is a “clear majority” of UK businesses wanting the UK to remain in the EU. e.g.:

“Although a clear majority of the businesspeople we surveyed continue to express a preference to remain in the European Union, the gap between Remain and Leave has narrowed significantly in recent weeks.” — Dr Adam Marshall, BCC Acting Director General.

Dr. Marshall is, to put it politely, engaging in selective perception and blowing smoke up our bums. This might be because he understands that the last BCC chief was forced out of his position for telling the truth about BCC members’ overwhelmingly cold reaction to EU membership.

Marshall’s borderline criminal (fraudulent) selective perspective of what BCC members/British businesses want regarding Brexit brings into sharp relief the divide between the ordinary people of the UK — the owners and customers of more than 90% of the UK’s businesses — -and the international corporate class, for and by whom the EU was created as part of a headlong tilt into corporate global governance.

One only needs to do a little research regarding the creation of the EU to understand, for example, why a “trade” relationship would require UK businesses that don’t trade with the EU to conform to EU trade rules. e.g.

Admittedly, there are a million and one ways to perceive any situation, any set of figures, any argument. But there aren’t a million ways to perceive the truth.

The truth, in this case, is that nearly all UK businesses want the UK to leave the EU. Presenting that as a conclusion that most UK businesses want to remain in the EU, which the BCC and the rest of the Cameron lie machine are doing, is not a matter of perspective. It’s a grotesque, though all too familiar and highly dangerous act of dishonesty.

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