Left Wing Activists Will Become Increasingly Irrelevant the Longer We Remain in the EU

I just watched BBC’s Daily Politics show (Weds May 25, 2016) in which the host listed several of George Osborne’s recent embarrassing reversals of policy: Disability funding, forced academisation, Sunday opening hours, tax credits for the rich etc.

Part of the interview showed people with placards protesting academization. This image represented the way UK voters got together to pressure Osborne and the UK government to change all of these unwanted policies.

Bearing in mind the kinds of policies that they protested, I’m guessing that the victorious protestors were “Left Wing” and thus mainly from the Remain camp.

So, now, of course, I’m scratching my head: don’t these people understand that, if we remain in the EU, as they want us to, they will be giving up any meaningful right to protest any EU policy or law that Brussels chooses to enact? This is a big deal, since, according to the EU Commission itself, the EU Commission makes about 85% of our laws.

Take Osborne’s attack on the disabled, for example. If that had been a policy introduced by the EU Commission, then no amount of protest in the UK or Belgium could ever bring about change to or removal of a policy that would be implemented across 28 nations.

And, were the policy to become an EU law, a directive or a regulation, then it’s game over. David Cameron himself could link arms with Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage and the entire UK Parliament, and picket the EU Commission to get the law changed, and the Commission could (and would) simply ignore them.

There is a denseness — a profound denial — among so many Remain supporters, and particularly among those who dementedly tout the EU as a “democratic” institution, that prevents them from seeing the obvious and glaring truth: Remaining in the EU means losing their activist agency. It means accepting that they will never again have any access to the policy-making or law-making power structure that controls their lives.

It isn’t going to matter what these aggrieved Remainians think or say about the EU laws they don’t like.

It isn’t going to matter if they get their MPs or the entire UK government to support their cause.

It isn’t going to matter that they will likely continue to believe that the EU is a democratic entity.

The harsh reality is that, while we’re in the EU, they and their cause and their voice will be increasingly shut out of the decision-making process regarding the laws and policies of the country that they live in.

Watching these Remainian political activists digging their own graves is in parts funny and soul destroying. How many times will they have to be ignored by the EU before they realize their horrendous mistake and just how irrelevant they have made themselves by supporting the abandonment of the democracy that gives them their relevance?

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