Is the European Union Fascist?

Utter the word “fascism” to the average Brit, and you’ll conjure stereotypical images of swastikas, prison camps, skinheads, and, perhaps, a psychopathic, WWII-era balding Italian of note — Mussolini — who some credit with coining the term.

Few Brits imagining fascism will bring to mind a Tower of Babel-looking, though otherwise nondescript, building in the heart of Brussels, in which lurk the instigators and institutions of the European Union.

Yet there is a strong and reasonable argument that the EU is fascist.

For me, fascism is the seamless melding of government and corporations to the exclusion and detriment of the governed.

Fascism is a cult-like fetischising and elevation to supremacy of “the state” over the individual. It relies on a totalitarian claim that the common good always outweighs the need of the individual. Exactly what the common good is and how it should be served is determined exclusively and by fiat by the governing class. For them, the common good and the good of their state are always one and the same.

It’s important to note that “corporations” as used here doesn’t describe only commercial outfits such as WalMart, Microsoft etc and their non-profit counterparts. It also describes any large institutions, such as unions, the Church, professional and scientific societies etc.

This melding of government and corporations certainly occurred in Nazi Germany, which grew as it absorbed corporations into its corpus. Nazism could never have grown without the capitulation and compartmentalized control of banks, the Catholic Church, professional and scientific societies and so on.

As with the Nazi Party, the EU has grown by seamlessly and secretly melding governance with corporations to the exclusion and detriment of the governed.

We see this melding in how EU law and policy is made: over 3,000 anonymous and so-called “working groups”, which are populated by bankers, commercial corporate lobbyists, Technocrats and other self-appointed elites, secretly draft the laws they want, which are usually designed to eradicate their smaller competition, both commercial and ideological. They then secretly pass these drafts to the unelected EU commission — the only EU institution allowed to propose laws.

The Commission then passes these corporate-made laws to the European Council and the so-called European Parliament for rubber stamping.

The entire EU lawmaking and policy-making process is completed within the bounds of corporate influence and is enabled by and performed for the sole benefit of the governing/corporate machinery. All of this is done beyond the reach of those who must follow those laws.

This is fascism, plain and simple

There is also an historical record of the EU being Fascist, not least of which is the fact that the EU’s first Commission President, Walter Hallstein, was a top-flight lawyer and recruiter for the Nazi Party.

His co-signatory on the Treaty of Rome, which brought the EU into life, was German Chancellor, Konrad Adenhauer, who famously boasted that, 10 years after the end of WWII, he still had 150 Nazi Party members working for him.

That’s an involved investigation worth saving for a future article.

However, anyone interested in knowing more about the Nazi roots of the EU might like to read this.


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