June 23 is Election Day, Not Brexit Referendum Day

Let’s be clear about something: The so-called Brexit Referendum has almost nothing to do with voters deciding an important national policy issue. Rather, as in a General Election, it is the day UK voters decide who will run our country, not just for five years, but for at least the next generation, and, quite possibly permanently.

The two candidates in the election are, on one side, the unelected, unanswerable, anti-democratic, and corporate-controlled European Commission.

On the other side, the people of the UK, in the person of the UK Parliament.

A vote to Remain is a vote to put the UK under EU Commission rule. As the Lisbon Treaty clearly states, this will strip the UK of both our democracy and our nationhood. The UK will cease to exist as a self-governing, political entity.

On the other hand, a vote to Leave will permanently enshrine our right to decide who makes the laws we must obey, and will allow us to continue to fire those people according to their performance and our votes.

We have a model for the upcoming election. it is the election in which unwitting, and later horrified, socially liberal Germans put Hitler and the Nazi Party in charge of their country. (And, yes, it is appropriate to compare EU ideology with its precursor Nazi Party’s fascist ideology, as I have explained here.)

It is this model — the very real, very terrifying and irreversible consequences of once-and-for-all abandoning democracy and accepting subjugation in return for the ambiguous promise of the good of “the community” — that we must have in the back of our mind on June 23, when we enter the voting booth.

Do we want to make the same mistake that pre-WW II Germans made? Can we explain that decision to our children and grandchildren? Are we willing to carry that burden in the same way that the  Germans have had to carry their burden for so long?

We are constantly told by weak people that a vote to Leave the EU is a leap into the dark. The truth, though, is that a vote for the EU Commission to take power over our nation, via a vote to Remain in the EU, is a slow, painful crawl, on our hands and knees, towards the sound of a stranger’s cold voice, whispered from behind a wall that, should we follow it, will be the last voice we ever hear.

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