Is the Remain Campaign Controlled By Wealthy Foreigners?

The news that American banks and other mega-companies are funding the EU Referendum Remain campaign will come as no surprise to anyone; the EU is a globalizing project, and the owners of these banks are trying to buy their way into becoming a de facto global government accountable – a la the EU Commission — to nobody.

Also, the EU is a fascistic institution, so the merger of big banks, the EU and the UK government merely follows that political logic.

What is a little surprising, though, is the nature of the popular reporting on this “revelation”, which seems not to want to ask the question that needs to be asked more urgently than any other: do these American/global banks receive any control over the Remain campaign in return for their investment in it?

If their blood money (all their money is violently stolen from somebody) does buy them some degree of control, then that would seem to violate, if not UK electoral rules, the spirit behind holding a referendum in the UK that will be voted on by citizens of the UK to determine the future of the UK.

And, if their investment in Remain doesn’t give them immediate control over the actions of those running the Remain campaign, including the likes of David Cameron, George Osborne, Theresa May and the rest, then what debts will these politicians have accrued by receiving this blood money, and how will those debts be cashed in by Goldman Sachs and the others down the line?

The other related issue here is the way the boundaries of this allegedly UK referendum are dilating further and further away from the influence of the UK voter.

For example, the EU, as well as the foreign banks, is pumping millions of Euros into supporting the Remain campaign. And, in an ever-widening Brexit arena, American, Chinese and other national leaders have chipped in with their two cents about the dangers of Brexit. These self-appointed global elite seem to have been infected with Cameron’s insanity around the Brexit referendum.

For example, reasonable people would find it difficult to reconcile a British Prime Minister telling his country one month that Brexit won’t be the end of the world for the UK, and that the country would do just fine outside the EU, and then, barely a couple months later, warning his country that Brexit will undermine the Earth’s eco-structure to the point of collapse, and that, if that doesn’t kill off the world’s population, then the Brexit-caused World War III will surely.

Cameron’s nigh psychotic volte face from a shoulder-shrugging “Brexit? Meh” to Brexit putting an end to Humanity, has left millions of people such as myself dizzied by its suddenness.

We struggle with questions, such as:

  1. When did Cameron find out about these World-Ending consequences of the British people deciding not to remain in a political union with 27 other nations? And
  2. Why didn’t Cameron mention the annihilation of the planet and the outbreak of WWIII in the pro-EU propaganda leaflet he sent to every UK home? A single paragraph mentioning these consequences would, I’m sure, have been appreciated by many leaflet recipients.

I suppose the other way to look at American/global banks buying the Brexit referendum outcome is that they are, selflessly, saving Humanity from the planetary collapse and world war that Cameron assures us a Leave vote will precipitate.

Not sure I buy that one.

What about you?

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