Cameron’s Academies Will Deliver Our Children’s Hearts and Minds to the EU

A little while ago, the UK government suddenly told us that we must regionalize our cities and towns and put them under the control of mayors that hardly anyone wants. The government did this to make it easier for the EU to effectively control the running of our cities and towns.

Now, it’s telling us that our schools must be prized from local authority control, corporatized, regionalized, and turned into “autonomous”, ideologically neo-Conservative “Academies” that hardly anyone wants.

What gives? What’s the government up to?

Well, I suppose it depends which government you’re talking about.

If it’s the EU government we’re talking about, then Academies, which will organize themselves and operate via regions, are a mayor-type means for the EU to establish direct control over the education of our children. In this case, that control is wielded with the open, rather than the surreptitious collusion of members of the UK government that underpinned the imposition of the mayoral system of EU control.

The UK government’s role, on the other hand, is to facilitate the EU Commission’s power grab over our educational system. It is doing this by quietly implementing the EU Commission’s ongoing “reform” and harmonization “framework”, which requires creating a single EU authority that will control member nation’s disparate education systems, standards and curriculums — even though education is supposed to be a national “competency” and out of the EU Commission’s reach.

Consistent with the EU’s historical and structural fascist pedigree, this “reform” involves turning privately owned corporations into effective government bodies, as well as indoctrinating children with a manufactured EU identity.

For example, the EU is telling every member state that its education system must conform to its Key Competences for Lifelong Learning.

These eight competences are:

communication in the mother tongue

communication in foreign languages, which involves, … mediation and intercultural understanding…

mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology … the mastery, use and application of knowledge and methodologies that explain the natural world. These involve an understanding of the changes caused by human activity and the responsibility of each individual as a citizen.

digital competence

learning to learn

social and civic competences. … An understanding of codes of conduct and customs in the different environments in which individuals operate … particularly knowledge of social and political concepts and structures (democracy, justice, equality, citizenship and civil rights) …

sense of initiative and entrepreneurship … should include awareness of ethical values and promote good governance

cultural awareness and expression, which involves … ]the] constructive management of feelings.


Effectively, the EU Commission is creating an “EU citizen mill”, via the imposition of an EU curriculum of pro–EU propaganda in our schools, which can only be inflicted on our children if the UK’s meddling local authorities, not to mention irksome teachers’ unions, are forced to butt out of involvement with our schools.

The EU already shells out £500million a year selling its vile ideology to EU “citizens”, including having produced ” …more than 100 publications, over 1,000 videos as well as cartoons, colouring books and other educational materials intended to promote EU values to children.” Academies are little more than another EU vehicle for indoctrination of our children.

Academies thus serve the EU Commission’s purposes by dutifully quarantining local authorities, and even parents, from meaningful control of education in the same way that the EU Parliament quarantines EU “citizens” from what the EU Commission views to be the disease of democracy, or, Populism, as it has rebranded democracy.

Letting the EU control our kids’ education will — literally — be national suicide; the EU openly states that it wants to eradicate all nation states from the face of the Earth. What better way to do that than to brainwash young people into believing the nation states are evil, and “educating” them in how EU “citizenship” eradicates that evil?

This brainwashing is evident EU’s instruction to member nations’ governments that:

The ET 2020’s four strategic objectives (and current EU benchmarks) … needs to be re-calibrated to include … imparting common European values, intercultural competences and active citizenship.


Another particularly ominous and troubling EU indoctrination of our children is the EU Commisssion’s imposition of its mathematics, technology and science competence, which openly presents the STEM disciplines as political, not scientific phenomena.

After all, what else could:

These [methodologies] involve an understanding of the changes caused by human activity and the responsibility of each individual as a citizen

refer to these days other than that all students MUST accept the anti-science manmade climate change political narrative or be labelled “irresponsible”?

Of course, the EU is a Technocracy, which, by definition, is a fascistic form of governance that imposes political power via the exigencies of false, scare mongering and, increasingly, Apocalyptic “science.”

Even knowing what the EU is, though, it’s still jarring to see, in black and white, the same grotesque conflation of science and extreme political ideology that is practiced by other corrupt global bodies, such as the UN and its demonstrably corrupt IPCC, that’s about to overwhelm the everyday education of our children.

There  is plenty more information regarding the EU Commission’s plans for its unilateral “reform” of our children’s “education”, to make our children more obedient and less inquisitive EU “citizens”, throughout the EU’s Web site,

For example, The European Youth Pact requires the EU’s “youth” to commit to unquestioning loyalty to the EU Commission’s underlying fascist ideology, in the same way that the Hitler youth had to swear fealty to largely the same insane totalitarian ideology. Effectively, the pact creates a snarling, parent-betraying Juncker Youth.

At some point, the general public will abandon their conditioning that linking any two events is the definition of a “crazy conspiracy theory”, and they will start to see the clear evidence of a coherent progression of activities and outcomes, such as is evident in the mayorization and Academization of the EU.

There is an abundance of evidence that the EU Commission is increasingly moving the EU and our nation toward the EU Commission’s chosen destination. Sadly, though, there remain too many Brits who  lack the initiative and motivation to understand what the EU Commission is doing to the UK, and who will likely remain that way until the June 23, Brexit Referendum.

Sadly, these low-information Remain voters, who will be voting to allow a non-existent, romanticized, £500 million-a-year virtual creation of the EU Commission to control the UK, will likely not properly educate themselves on what putting the UK under its suffocating fiat control of the REAL EU Commission will mean for the UK.

The EU Commission will finally take control of their hearts and minds, and they won’t even know it happened.

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