David Cameron Has Finally Gone Full Nazi

Like Hitler, David Cameron has now become so embroiled in brutally enforcing the political dogma of the global financial class at all costs that he no longer even considers that he is supposed to be the ethical, inclusive and honest leader of a democratic nation.

Cameron’s baby steps descent from Prime Minister to tin pot dictator began with his empty election promise of a referendum on ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, runs through selling us a pup on meaningless and fruitless renegotiation with the EU, and currently stands at all-out political collusion with the self-appointed global elite to release nonsensical, “independent” warnings of the impending Brexit Apocalypse.

The current cherry on this Eton Mess has to be the ploy of Cameron’s boys in Whitehall illegally and cowardly communicating and colluding with each other, and with the unelected and unaccountable World Bank, the IMF, the OECD, the EU Commission etc in cyber code, so that the voters who elected them won’t ever find out what they’re doing.

Does this even vaguely resemble a democratic system of government?

Cameron justifies his jackbooted leadership with swivel-eyed claims that the government is “not neutral” regarding the Brexit referendum, so he is allowed to turn the UK government into a pro-EU propaganda machine.  In a true democracy, of course, the government WOULD be neutral when the voters are making a constitutional decision that will outlive its tenure by generations of Brits.

A truly democratic government would certainly not abuse its access to public funds, the Civil Service, international political and diplomatic capital, and the mass media, in the way that Cameron’s government is doing. Governments that behave this way are at least abusive and undemocratic, and, at most, totalitarian. 

Cameron’s cult-like submission to the EU project and to its underlying premise of fascistic global governance  makes it reasonable to him to stand on the windpipe of half of the UK’s population, so that they can not speak, and so that they either must submit to the “greater good” of the EU project or suffocate.

Whether Cameron’s Hitleresque behaviour is due to a chronic psychopathology, or the temporary blindness of a newly converted cultist is a question for historians depending on where he goes from here: a Waco-like standoff between the people of the UK and the government hunkered in its cultist Whitehall compound, or Cameron’s last-minute cathartic de-culting

Right now, Cameron is making the same decisions, taking the same actions, using the same rationale, deploying the same secrecy, and engaging in the same criminal abuse of power that Hitler did in pre-WWII Germany. And he is doing it in cahoots with the same international banking class, which has rebranded itself with respectable sounding names, such as the IMF, the World Bank and the United Nations.

Even more troubling is that a large portion of the UK public are reacting to Cameron’s megalomania in exactly the same way that too many Germans reacted to Hitler’s: loudly applauding his short-term (Remain campaign) victories, while losing sight of the long-term cost to democracy and Humanity of those victories.

The Remain ideologues have the opportunity to learn from the Germans’ mistaken and catastrophic support of Hitler and his failed agenda. They can see clearly that Cameron is assisting the EU to revive and execute that obscene agenda.

The question is: do Remainers have the balls to take the fork in the road that pre-WWII Germans didn’t take, and repudiate dictatorship? Will they choose to preserve a democratic system that millions of people had to die to return to the stupid, stupid pre-WWII German people?

I suppose we’ll have to wait for June 23, 2016 to know the answer to that one.

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