I’m Suffering From Globalization Fatigue. How About You?

Whatever the merits of globalization, (aka Technocratic global fiat rule by the unelected and unaccountable banking and political classes), constantly having to kowtow to it is wearing me out.

I simply don’t care what the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, the White House, the IPCC or any other corrupt and corrupting global power has to say about my country and how I live my life. These are distant and malign institutions populated from among a tiny population of self-appointed, self-referential and self-interested global “leaders”, whose names we keep tripping over in the news, without ever being told who the Hell made them guardians of the planet.

I am the natural son of the UK, a sovereign nation that, despite my many travels abroad, I still call home. As a child of the UK, my gaze is constantly turned outward, to the entire world, but when I am home, I am home. I don’t need foreign bankers constantly whispering in my lughole, sniping, threatening, nagging, steamrolling me into embracing their psychopathic arrangement of the world. The whisperers; people such as Wolfgang Scheuble, Mario Draghi, Jean Claude Juncker, Christie La Garde are all mentally ill. And I’m tired of having to entertain any other description of them.

Then there’s all this talk about the EU “single market,” which, if truth be told, is a con played on the people of the UK; only 5 to 10% of UK businesses actually trade with the EU, yet 100% of UK businesses have to abide by regressive, job-killing single market regulations and restrictions. So why is the media, and why are the Remain EU-cultists, constantly soiling my airspace with their lies about the single market being essential to the survival of the UK?

And let’s not forget the millions of gallons of globalist horseshit dumped on us daily by the delusional manmade climate change bots. The world will frizzle to a cinder. We’ll all suffocate and die. The oceans will rise and drown us. The fleeing hordes will mobilize. We’ll all starve to death. And the Universe itself will do a moody and take its bat and ball and go play with someone else unless we declare unquestioning obeisance to a gaggle of halfwits who don’t understand that it is the lie of manmade climate change that’s the problem, not the non-existent change itself.

Manmade climate change globalizers don’t care that these predictions were made 20 years ago and have already been unequivocally proven to be false. They persist with their delusion a though they were all spot on.

It’s that pervasive mindless acquiescence by the sleeping masses to anything the globalizers ask that’s at the heart of my globalization fatigue. I’m tired of a world that no longer questions those “in charge”, declaring that a global institution making even the most absurd claim is just too big and too impressively global to be wrong.

And yet, the intellectual and moral pygmies who have, via great wealth allied to great self interest, established these institutional abominations of fascistic global control, all put their trousers on one leg at a time. They all wonder if they look fat on camera. They all pick their noses and buy sex. Many of them are pedophiles, rapists and murderers. They all fret over what they’ve said and who they might have pissed off and how it will affect their place in the pecking order of psychopaths.

These aren’t people I would invite to my child’s wedding. Indeed, these aren’t people I’d want to spend 10 seconds in a lift with. And yet, they’re always front and centre telling us all what to do, how to live, what to think.

I’m tired of that. So, from hereon in, I say screw them and the globalizing, world government horse they rode in one. I’m going to take care of me, mine and my beautiful home — the UK — by putting what most matters to me first.

Right now, the best way I can do that is to vote to leave the EU on June 23, and be done with having to live a life plagued with the mental sickness of globalizers and globalization.

Then I can try to help us all get back to the tried and trusted system of global INTERNATIONAL trade among sovereign nations, who operate for the benefit of their peoples, and who, at the end of the day, can and will tell big banks and corporations and insane globalizers to bugger off if they start causing their peoples trouble.

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