“Hug A Brit” Is a Grassroots Campaign Gone-Viral? Yeah. Right.

Grassroots, my arse.

The current fad to Hug A Brit to stop us leaving the EU is pure Astroturf, designed and manufactured in Brussels.

Excuse my French, but I’m livid that the mass media is allowing some vile EU public relations tool to push — entirely unchallenged — some cock-and-bull story that she and a horde of imaginary EU-phile friends dreamt up the slightly disturbing notion that they can convince Brits to vote Remain in the EU by physically molesting them.

Oh, and, apparently, this conveniently pro-EU inspiration hit while the EUphile horde just happened to be “sitting around the kitchen table”. (Must be a massive kitchen and table.)

The woman in question, Hug A Brit co-founder, Christine Ullman, is touted as being an average and unsophisticated, EU-loving, Anglophile German hausfrau, who is saddened by the thought of losing we cuddly Brits from the decidedly un-cuddly EU.

Having spent more than 20 years myself deconstructing media messages for a living, and having analyzed Astroturf campaigns created by Big Tobacco, Microsoft, WalMart, and many others, it’s obvious to me that she is nothing of the sort. She is clearly a well trained media professional, a PR shill, working on behalf of someone else.

This training is evident in the practiced, on-point and seamless way she presents, almost verbatim, pro-EU boilerplate while being “interviewed” on BBC’s Daily Politics and on the RT Channel. The BBC and RT might just as well have invited that other well known EU grassroots activist Jean Claude Juncker onto their programmes to talk up the benefits of the EU.

In particular, shame on BBC media veteran Andrew Neil, who by now must have the experience to smell a PR stunt rat when he trips over it, for disingenuously going along with the EU Commission’s deceit, and for doing so even AFTER Nigel Farage pointed that deceit out to him.

Equally remiss in not challenging this vile woman on her ridiculous claim that the EU’s Hug A Brit phenomenon has a grassroots credential are CNN, the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Independent newspapers, and the online social control newsletter, the Huffington Post, and even the generally sensible Breitbart, and Express.

The maddening thing is that this vile woman’s deceit is delivered with a 2-by-4 to the side of the media’s noggin, particularly in her pointed use of well-worn political device such as reference to the “kitchen table(2), (3) and dishonestly using “Europe” to say “the EU.”

Let’s overlook, for now, the obvious lack of merit in her argument that a hug can undo the damage of more than 40 years’ of the EU’s assault on democracy in the UK, and the attempted annihilation of anyone who ever dares to practice it; the EU was founded on deceit and disinformation, so we can’t really expect anything else from it six decades later.

But we can expect that, before presenting that vile woman to us as a disinterested EU “citizen” simply looking to be nice to Brits, and before telling us that the pro-EU propaganda she dutifully recites has “gone viral”, someone in the media should have done a little digging into who this vile woman is, and who she might be working for and with.

Where are the obvious questions that responsible journalists must ask of any advocate of a particular political side, as this vile woman is, in the midst of an active referendum campaign?

Who is this vile Christine Ullman person? Who is Katrin Lock, the other nominal “co-founder” of the hugging deceit? Who do these people work for? How robust are their claims about “sitting around a kitchen table” and spontaneously arriving at the Hug A Brit idea? Who else was at the table? When did this happen? Whose table was it? Do Ullman or Lock receive any funding from the EU? Have they or anyone close to them ever worked with or for the EU? Are they being paid to do what they’re doing, and, if so, by whom and how much?

In some circles, they call that kind of gateway investigation responsible journalism.

And, as a matter of fairness during the active Brexit referendum campaign, shouldn’t we be hearing from a representative of the Leave campaign, who, perhaps, believes that Hugging a Brit is a sordid EU Commission PR stunt,?

The truth is, nobody but nobody pushing a true grassroots campaign gets the amount of international press coverage as quickly (the campaign allegedly started in February) and as comprehensively as this vile woman has enjoyed, without someone dropping a few bob to someone somewhere along the line, to grease the wheels. In this case, the paymaster for the Remain side’s Hug A Brit PR campaign is almost certainly the EU.

What evidence do I have, beyond Ullman’s media training and on-point Remain/EU messaging, that this vile woman is an EU shill?

Surely that’s a question you need to ask Andrew Neil, isn’t it? In fact, there should be no need to ask him, since he should have told you.

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