David Cameron’s Other — and More Damaging — Secret Offshore Dealing

The story de jour is David Cameron’s admission that he benefited from Panama’s sketchy offshore investment facilities. Some people suspect that this admission, and the grotesque dissembling that preceded it, will bring Cameron down. Perhaps.

But there’s an even bigger and more important Cameron “offshore” story that threatens to permanently disfigure UK politics as we know it: Cameron’s secret offshore-ing of the production of the pro-Remain propaganda booklet that will end up soiling the front door mat of every household in the country.

If we are to believe the Daily Telegraph, Cameron employed “…a German company given repeated hand-outs by the European Commission” to create the taxpayer-funded, pro-Remain publication.

The Telegraph article also claims that Cameron excluded the pro-Leave members of his cabinet from clandestine pro-Remain planning sessions leading to the conception, production and distribution of the booklet.

If true, this means that Cameron abused his office and his access to the public purse to gerrymander the success of a personal political agenda, and he did so by sidestepping a vital segment of the UK government, not to mention the entire UK population.

Let this sink in for a moment: Cameron has made a seret international alliance with an EU-funded offshore printer to produce pro-Remain, EU-approved propaganda to be disseminated, Big Brother style, to every UK household, and to be done, so as to cynically trick the unwitting UK public into supporting his — and a foreign power’s — political agenda.

Are these remotely the actions of an ethical and trustworthy elected holder of office?

While that’s sinking in, ask yourself this: Why would an openly pro-Remain Prime Minister skulk around, behind the backs of a segment of his cabinet and the UK population, to hire a German printing shop that is essentially an EU agent to produce pro-Remain propaganda? Why not let a grateful British printer do the work? It’s not as though Cameron’s pro-Remain sentiments would surprise anyone.

His damning furtiveness, I believe, is explained by the fact that not even David Cameron is so blessed with ego and so devoid of conscience that he didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong, likely illegal and, equally likely, an act of treason, and that he would be condemned by the UK population for taking such an action against them.

So far, Cameron has excused what he has done (throughout this Brexit referendum period) by claiming that “the Government” has a position on Brexit that is consistent with the pro-Remain content of the booklet, so what’s the big deal about producing a booklet that records and promotes that preference?

But note that Cameron never explains how a government — i.e. a cabinet — that is divided and excluded based on EU-based ideology can have a single position on anything. Does Cameron truly believe that he, and he alone, is the Government, and that his cabinet are just bit players to his starring role?

Cameron’s potentially shady Panamanian sleight-of-hand is sexy and easy pickings for the mass media performing seals, so it gets prominent play.

But, in the long run, it will be how we respond to Cameron’s egregious maladministration and deceit, which has led to the production of his pro-Remain booklet, and not how we respond to his or anyone else’s dodgy investments, that will determine whether or not the UK will become effectively a banker-controlled Banana Republic. A place just like Panama, perhaps.

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