Duped or Just Plain Stupid? The Low-Information Brexit Voter

A pre-Brexit referendum refrain I hear increasingly these days is: “Awww….. I just don’t know enough about the EU to really be able to make up my mind regarding whether to Remain or Leave.”

This claim startles me.

Since 1973, the EU has taken control of our agriculture, fishing, environment, energy, immigration, international trade, employment, banking, state aid and other seminal UK policy-making areas. In fact, we really don’t decide much for ourselves any more: some financial services, chunks of education, foreign policy.

And yet, despite these massive changes to our everyday lives and to who makes our policy and laws, and despite our democratic power being consistently siphoned off to a single distant destination — the EU — amazingly, millions of Brits still don’t understand what the EU is all about, nor what it is doing, nor what it plans to do?

Surely if “everyone” thought the EU were such a great project, and that it benefited the UK so very much, our government and mass media would have been crowing about it for 40 years, and our heads would be replete to bursting with tales of EU do-goodery.

Instead, millions of Brits suddenly find themselves fumbling around in a damp and dark basement looking for the demented EU uncle, who was locked away to spare the family’s shame.

I suppose our embarrassing national ignorance could be due to us being an inherently stupid race. I doubt that, though, since this country is choc-a-bloc with brains boxes, innovators, artists, creators, and quick-thinking game show panelists.

No. The reason so many of us are now tilting our heads and vacantly looking at the EU like it was a Zurich train timetable suddenly thrust into our hands by a midget during the Ashes is that, as a country, we’ve been duped, deceived and anaesthetized — on an industrial scale — about what the EU is and what it is doing to us.

Think about it.

In the past four decades, our government has signed treaty after treaty, all of which transferred sovereign power after sovereign power from us to a malignant, unelected corporate cartel based in Brussels. This has resulted in the single biggest, irreversible political, cultural and economic shift in our collective national integrity and identity since the Romans stopped by. Yet, what have we done about this withering assault on our freedom?

We’ve done nothing about it.

And, when I say “we”, I mean the same we that beat back Hitler and his perverted agenda which, if we look carefully enough, is now largely upon us anyway, courtesy of the Brussels corporate cartel. Hitler 1 Us 0.

So what happened? Who do we have to thank for our quiet slide into the current morass of ignorance of, and subjugation to, a foreign power — to a power that openly warns us that it will erase the UK and nation states generally from the face of the Earth the first chance it gets?

I’ll tell you who we have to thank: Our elected politicians and unelected civil service, who have kept shtum even as they stupidly handed over to Brussels, piecemeal, a national sovereignty that was never theirs to give.

And we can also thank the mass media, the EU-funded BBC in particular, which has never missed an opportunity to NOT tell us when another power has been lost to Brussels, and when another tribute has been paid to Brussels, and when the EU makes yet another damaging law for us that we would have never allowed our own government to have made.

These two groups have ensured that millions of people don’t understand that our EU membership isn’t just another trade policy or a peripheral political adventure. Rather, it affects literally every aspect of the UK’s existence and administration.

Truth is, so many of us are ignorant about the EU because we have been deliberately kept in the dark by a political elite and a corporatist media that wants to destroy the UK and replace it with something more to their liking.

Come June 23, 2016, anyone who still feels they don’t know enough to vote sensibly in the Brexit referendum might want to ask themselves why they don’t know more about the EU, and why the powers that be have been so reluctant to educate them on that topic in the past 40 years.

Anyone who can come up with the answer to those questions knows more than enough to sensibly make their Brexit mark.


  1. Be very careful what you wish for. A Britain isolated from its nearest trading partners. Scotland reconsidering its place in the UK because it only remained in the UK so it could remain in the EU. London and the major cities voting to remain in the EU.


    1. It will be interesting to see what plays out in Scotland. I wonder if the government would evengive them permission to have another independence referendum. Apart from that, I’m not sure what Scotland could do to put much pressure on the rUK to get its way.


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