Brussels-Based Terrorism

Why is it even a point of contention that, if we want open borders across the European Continent, then we’re going to have to accept that crime and illegal arms will move freely across the European Continent, too? Isn’t this just common sense?

And, why is it even a point of contention that, when Turkey joins the EU, thanks to craven, self-serving EU leadership, Turkish blackmail, and a resultant promised fast-track accession process, the EU — and so the UK — will share fatally porous borders with Iran, Syria and Iraq? Isn’t this just a matter of geography?

And why is it even a point of contention that the EU wants to allow Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Morocco and other volatile, and, in some cases, failing nations into the EU political fold? Isn’t this just a matter of unambiguous, declared EU policy?

And why is it even a point of contention that the epicentre of all of this activity is EU governance, and the EU’s unilateral writing of the policies and laws, which we have no say over and can not change, and that are driving us all deeper into a permanent state of terror?

And yet, I hear so much umming and ahhhing from Remainians when they are asked to merely acknowledge these blinding truths that I’m seriously beginning to doubt the Remainians’ collective mental health.

It’s one thing to believe in the Remain cause, even if, as is the case, nobody can come up with a positive basis or substantive argument for that belief. But it is entirely another thing to willfully ignore any objective truth that might challenge that belief as the Remainians now routinely do.

For example, Remanians, such as David Cameron, cannot stop themselves from, absurdly, trying to separate EU policy and the creation of a no-go Jihadi hub in Brussels.

Patently, without open borders, without the blind accommodation of people who make no secret of wanting to murder us, all driven by a reckless EU totalitarian ideology of expansion and federation, Brussels would not have become the Jihadi hub of the EU, and scores of people would not have been murdered in Brussels yesterday.

And, no. I am not blaming the victims of the atrocious acts in Brussels, or in Paris or elsewhere for the actions of others. Every victim of these cowardly attacks is, just that, a victim.

What I am doing is blaming an increasingly distant, authoritarian and detached cartel of ideologues in Brussels for closing their eyes, ears, minds and mouths to any criticism at all of the implementation of their rabid ideology, particularly when it comes to open borders and their other three so-called EU “freedoms.”

Alien to the EU mindset is the notion underpinning individual rights that your right to swing your fist stops at the point it contacts my nose.

The EU has a “human rights” mindset, which has nothing at all to do with human  rights, but, rather, is a system of political patronage controlled by those in power to grant and withhold the “right” to punch or be punched on the nose, depending on whatever momentary political expedient landing or not landing the punch satisfies.

This is the mindset that has allowed Brussels to become the unfettered European Jihadi hub. This is the mindset that prevents the UK from exiling known terrorists. This is the mindset that did so much to facilitate the untimely and brutal deaths more than 30 people in Brussels.

Self-righteous Remainians scream “political opportunism!” at anyone who even suggests that the EU is the root cause of the attacks in Brussels. And yet it is Remainians who didn’t miss a beat before politicizing the Hell out of the situation by immediately and cynically calling for “more Europe” to “make us all safer”, even as the warm blood of innocents still ran in Brussels streets.

Terrorism is, by definition, a political act. It has political causes and outcomes.

And anyone with the courage to look can see that the suffocating, totalitarian politics of Brussels bears directly upon the politics of what is looking to be a growing campaign of pan-EU terrorism, which, frankly, the UK needs to get as far away from as is possible.

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