Populists. The EU’s New and Dangerous Peasant Underclass

The world now boasts a new underclass, and I am a member of it: I am a Populist.

You can tell I’m a Populist by my protruding brow, hunched shoulders and my noisy mouth breathing. Other traits include:

  • I have no sense of political correctness, nor appreciation for the nuances of Technocratic, soft-fascistic governance.
  • I have no urge to be culturally enriched by foreigners in my own country.
  • I don’t buy politically-driven, pseudo-scientific claims, such as manmade global warming.
  • I don’t believe that bankers know better than the rest of us, and so should govern us for our own good.
  • I kinda like my national identity. I celebrate it and I honour the people who died to preserve it for me.
  • I have this crazy notion that the people of a nation should make their own laws, trade deals and domestic policies, based on their own best interests.
  • I think Brussels is populated by goons, frauds, bullies, psychopaths and Totalitarians.
  • But, my biggest, mouth-breathing faux pas, the one that I seem to share with the entire knuckle-dragging Populist underclass, is that I believe in democracy.

If you ask a Brussels goon (and much of today’s mainstream media) what Populism is, the first thing they’ll do is link it to “extremism.” we Populists are, according to Brussels goons, always extremists, both from the right or the left, but mainly from the right.

The Brussels goons will go on the explain that Populism is a sickness of mind that can only be cured by re-education. They, along with the European Humanist Federation, offer this handy diagnosis rubric for the Populism disease:

Although populism is difficult to define, it shows several recurrent features:

– it promotes direct democracy, claims a direct link between the government and the people and rejects the established political system;

– it offers immediate and demagogical solutions to people’s day to day problems;

– it spreads simplistic and antagonistic images such as the sovereign nation, the “sane” people vs. the “corrupted” and “technocratic” elites;

– it idealises the nation and its perceived traditions, fuelling the criticism of any supranational political system;

– it holds an anti-globalisation discourse aimed at protecting vulnerable people from the consequences of the competitive capitalist market.

SOURCE: http://ec.europa.eu/justice/events/assises-justice-2013/files/contributions/24.europeanhumanistfederationtheeuandthechallengeofextremismandpopulism_ehf_en.pdf

Basically, if you believe in national sovereignty, are against corruption in high places, want to solve the problems of your nation, like having a national border, and believe in democracy, then you’re an extremist/Populist.

Where does this diagnosis emanate from? Clinical trials? Longitudinal studies? A deep investigation of the comparative political dynamics of democratic versus anti-democratic systems of governance?

None of these places, I’m afraid. The Brussels goons have simply paid a stable of Academic gophers to construct a supporting narrative for their “third way” of governance, to be found somewhere between iron-fist dictatorship and a free society.

The Brussels goons have form when it comes to this kind of weaponised labeling of its enemies. (aka the citizens of EU member nations.) Criticise the EU, then you’re xenophobic, and you’ll be lucky to avoid a three-year prison sentence for doing so. If you say anything negative about multiculturalism, then you’re a racist. If you talk about national sovereignty, then you are mentally ill.

It’s as though the EU has a little workshop filled with malign trolls, hammering away at fashioning words and phrases designed to crush the Human spirit, and thus enable obedience to the Brussels goons’ vindictive, Totalitarian dogma, one label at a time.

The truth is that Populism, as the Brussels goons define it, invites the swelling of the Human spirit. It invites self-determination, preserves individual rights and protections. Populism scrubs our language of the pernicious twisting and deformation that makes thought crime inevitable.

In the face of this truly nihilistic and Neanderthal force — the EU — Populism is our only salvation. We must embrace it the way that the peasants embraced their customs, dignity and pitchforks during the Great Uprising, the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381.

You see, the basic fact is that the Brussels goons are wrong about what is best for Humanity, and we Populists, the new peasants, are right.

It’s time that we Populists showed them the folly of their ways and kicked them onto the trash heap of history.

Or we can wait to see if history repeats itself regarding what happens to others who have been quietly labeled, marginalized and declared dangerous by fascistic states.

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