Forget Turkey. What About the UK’s Pending Political Union With Israel and Palestine?

There’s been a real commotion hereabouts regarding the EU’s illegal migrant deal with Turkey, that, apparently, will accelerate Turkey’s accession to membership of the EU.

A huge portion of the EU population doesn’t want Turkey anywhere near EU membership, even though Turkey first tried to become “European” as far back as 1959. And the consensus seems to be that, despite the EU’s deal, Turkey will never get anywhere near EU membership.

Putting aside the EU’s tried-and-trusted deceit, by making a deal that deliberately tricks and misleads Turkey, can we take comfort in the certainty that, no matter what, Turkey and the UK will never be EU bedmates?

It depends.

What do you feel about having Morocco, Ukraine, Palestine and Israel as EU sovereign bedmates? Yes. If the EU has its way, and we Remain, the UK is going to be chucked into the same bag of political ferrets as Palestine and Israel.

But these aren’t European, nations, I hear you cry. How can they become EU members?

Well, the EU will tell you that, technically, they can not become EU members. But the EU also boasts that they are in a 16-nation queue for EU membership in all but name.

This queue has a name: the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), which identifies nations the EU has formally declared that it wants the UK and other EU member nations to go into political union with.

Here’s how the EU describes what its ENP is designed to do:

Through its European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), the EU works with its southern and eastern neighbours to achieve the closest possible political association and the greatest possible degree of economic integration. This goal builds on common interests and on values — democracy, the rule of law, respect for human rights, and social cohesion. The ENP is a key part of the European Union’s foreign policy.

Partner countries agree with the EU an ENP action plan or an Association Agenda demonstrating their commitment to democracy, human rights, rule of law, good governance, market economy principles and sustainable development.

An astute observer will note that the general thrust of ENP status mirrors exactly that of EU member applicant status. That’s no surprise, since the EU’s goal is to shunt ENP nations into some form of EU associate membership at the first opportunity.

Just how Israel and Palestine will negotiate the EU’s four “freedoms” (a little like Hobson’s two choices) of movement of services, capital, goods, and, especially, people defeats me. Could be that the EU has some trick up its sleeve to quickly end the “troubles” and is just awaiting the most propitious moment to unleash it into the diplomat-o-sphere.

I’m not sure, also, how the EU is going to convince Vladimir Putin that Ukraine is just too European for him to bear, and that he will, after all, turn his back on the EU-staged coup and land grab in Ukraine.

In fact, I’m a little pressed to come up with ways that the UK can comfortably sleep at night, keeping at least one eye constantly open in case any of its growing list of sometimes dubious political bedmates might choose to steal the family silver and murder us in our shared bed.

Personally, the only way I would get a good night’s sleep is to return to my own room, where I can decide who to let in and who to keep out. And then get up bright and early every day and go about building the unfettered, global political and economic relationships that benefit the UK, and not the EU zealots in Brussels.

The word to describe that kind of freedom-based, global-centric existence is Brexit.

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