Osborne’s New Mayors Will Transfer UK Sovereignty to the EU

If you love the UK and believe in democracy, then you’re going to hate knowing why George Osborne is so psychotically obsessed with merging, “devolving” and sticking a mayor in charge of large portions of the UK.

Osborne is accelerating what, so far, has been a quiet trickle of power from local UK communities, to the EU under cover of the manmade global warming/”Sustainability” scam. Specifically, saving the planet can only be done on an international level, so EU member nations must give their powers to the EU, an international organization, to save the planet. It’s a familiar globalizers’ lie.

To help save the planet, the EU has organized an EU-wide matrix of mayors to serve as the unaccountable middlemen and conduits via which to transfer national local powers needed to achieve this salvation to the EU.

Here’s how the power transfer from UK to EU, via our (new) mayors works:

The EU has drafted a horrific mass suicide note for municipalities in its member nations. EU-wide, 5829 of them have already signed it, 34 of which are from the UK. The note is called the Covenant of Mayors, and it commits mayors to turning over control of their constituents’ essential infrastructure, policy and financing functions to the EU.

This transfer occurs without any permission needed from either the people in the mayors’ constituencies, or from the UK national government. It is completely anti-democratic. And, of course, the more power the government  gives to mayors, the more power they are indirectly giving to the EU the mayors have declared loyalty to.

The problem with the UK is that it doesn’t have that many mayors, so, Osborne needs to create them, so that they can sign the suicide note. That’s what he’s currently doing.

To make sure that the mayors efficiently deliver the right powers to the EU, the EU very graciously presents them with a handy how-to manual, titled How to Develop a Sustainable Energy Action Plan, or “SEAP” for short, which educates the mayors and tells them how to properly phrase their suicide note:

Here’s an excerpt from SEAP. Mayors are told that, when the mayor commits to the transfer of power, the EU will control their constituents’:

…buildings, equipment/facilities and urban transport. The SEAP may also include actions related to local electricity production (development of PV, wind power, CHP, …(… land use planning), encourage markets for energy efficient products and services (public procurement), as well as changes in consumption patterns. (Page 9)

The SEAP is ostensibly designed to enact its 2007, Energy for a Changing World, an equally proscriptive and intrusive EU power grab tool.

So, why would Osborne want to hand over these powers to the EU? Simple. He’s part of a political class that owes allegiance to bankers and corporations, and not to the people who elected him into power. This is a corporate ruse for grabbing political power on a local level.

Osborne’s illegal, regular attendance at the Bilderberg Meetings, in which the bankers and corporate leaders that he works for conspire to set national and international political agenda is no secret. Osborne’s love for the EU is also no secret, with him being an active member of Project Fear and Remain.

But, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter why he’s doing what he’s doing. It matters only that he’s doing it, and that he’s doing his best to keep his actions secret from the rest of us.

At the very least, the UK should make it illegal for any mayor to sign the EU’s suicide note without first holding a referendum.

An even better solution, of course, would be for us to stop, immediately, Osborne’s grotesque and treasonous “devolution” plans, particularly since so many people have already voted against having mayors and have now been officially ignored.

The troubling thing is this transfer of power-by-mayor, which closely mirrors, and even shares resources with the UN’s anti-democratic Agenda 21 programme, will proceed even if we vote to leave the EU.

Unless we do something drastic to expose and stop it.

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