Vote Leave’s Boris Says Brits Must Save The EU, Not Leave It

Boris Johnson says we should stay in the EU after we’ve voted to leave it, so that we can … save the EU.

Say what?! It’s Britain’s job to save the EU?

Johnson, whose carefully disheveled hair has entertained us all for decades, is known for talking out of both sides of his mouth, one side of his ear and the depths of his bum.

But this latest statements, made on LBC’s March 15, 2016 airing of Ask Boris, takes the dissembling biscuit.

Here’s what he said:

[After a vote to leave the EU] I don’t think there would be any particular need to invoke Article 50…

This is significant, since invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is the only legally accepted declaration of departure from the EU. Not invoking it is tantamount to agreeing to remain in the EU.

Johnson also said:

William Hague wrote a very interesting piece the other day suggesting that there could be a future for Britain being with Turkey as a kind of … associate [EU] member. The only way we can achieve [associate membership] is to strike this new relationship.

Johnson made this statement after easing people’s fears that Turkey’s accession to the EU would not include free movement of 75 million Turks. How does he know this? Beats me.

The primary point here is that Johnson is saying that the UK should remain an EU member nation, albeit an associate member. Remaining an EU member nation, in any form, is, by definition, not leaving the EU.

Johnson conveniently didn’t tell us what would happen to the 1972 European Communities Act (ECA), which makes EU law superior to UK law, but, more relevantly, allows us to be an EU member.

The technicalities of UK treaty law require that the UK make what are effectively enabling laws to accommodate the implementation of treaties. That’s what the ECA is. The most efficient way to remain an EU member would be to not mess with the ECA, thus leaving the UK under EU dominion.

That would leave us an associate member of a club we voted to leave, but still without the control of our legal system, which the leave vote was supposed to return to us.

The statement that Johnson made that had me scratching my head most vigorously, however, was this:

The European union is going in completely the wrong direction. It is up to us in Britain to save it …

Boris. Boris. Boris. My dear man. It is NOT up to Brits to save what you yourself describe as a completely undemocratic institution that robs us of our sovereignty. Where in God’s name did you get the impression that it is?

It is up to Brits to drive the EU into the ground, cover it in concrete, and try to convince ourselves that the whole sorry incident never happened. Only then can we get our country back.

The idea of pathetically clinging on to the coat tails of the suffocating, deformed, and softly fascist EU when, post-referendum, we have the opportunity and the democratic permission to separate ourselves from it, is very depressing.

It’s also very cowardly.

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