If Brexit Really is a Leap in the Dark, Then Whose Fault is That, Mr. Cameron?

You’ll hear it again and again and again before the June 23 Brexit referendum: Leaving the EU will be a leap in the dark. And we all know who will be robotically repeating it from now until June 23: Cameron, Osborne and a host of other government officials.

What they are actually saying is that the government that gave us a referendum more than two years ago — one of the two options of which is the UK leaving the EU — is admitting that it still has no bloody clue what will happen to us should the UK vote to leave the EU.

This raises the obvious question: What in God’s name has Cameron and his Cabinet been doing since he made the referendum promise?

Surely the most important duty of government should have been to draft suitable contingencies for both a Remain and a Leave vote, so that we all know exactly what a post-Brexit UK will look like. Democracy depends on informed voters.

Yet, when we ask our Prime Minister to describe a post-Brexit UK to us, so that we can make an informed choice, how does he respond?: ” I dunno. What you askin’ me for?”

Where else but in government would this count as acceptable leadership?

Mr. Cameron. It’s your job to prepare the people of the UK for major national events. It’s your job to enhance democracy and good governance wherever you can, without fear not favour.

That’s what we pay you for!

We don’t pay you to waste your time and our money campaigning for one side or the other when you should be making sure that neither a Remain nor a Leave vote results in a leap in the dark. Campaigning is something you need to do in your own time and at your own expense, just like the rest of us with just one vote.

Oh, I know you had your boys in the back offices knock out some pro-EU propagandistic nonsense that concluded that outside the EU the UK would be weaker, less safe and worse off. But that was just a back arsewards way of reinforcing your own slogan, that, outside the EU, the UK would be stronger, safer and better off. (Did you really think we wouldn’t notice, Dave?)

From hereon in, Dave, you need to stop futzing around threatening ex-generals and firing business leaders for advocating for Brexit.

Now is the time for you to take to heart your oft-repeated leap in the dark slogan. You must accept and understand that any post-Brexit darkness-leaping there is emanates from your own willful ignorance and shameless delinquent governance.

Moreover, you have a duty to do your job, which, at this point, demands that you shed the brightest light you can into the post-Brexit darkness that you say exists, and illuminate us all, Remain and Leave alike, in the process.

Your ongoing failure to do so is a clear dereliction of duty and grounds for your removal from office.

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