Brexit Through EU Eyes: It Ain’t a Pretty Sight

UK-hating propaganda mills, such as the Grauniad, the (EU-funded) BBC, and the Times have, together, infected the UK with a catchy meme: the UK needs the EU more than the EU needs the UK. Its catchiness is likely due to the indisputable fact that the UK is a tiny landmass on the periphery of a self-described empire. But is this meme true?

As an objective statement, it’s obviously not true. The problem, though, is that catchy memes don’t need to be true to be adopted as common knowledge.

So, rather than bicker over what is and isn’t fact, which isn’t the same as what is and isn’t popularly taken to be fact, I want to consider how the needy-UK meme is perceived, first from the UK’s perspective, which comes pre-loaded with fear mongering and the Islington presumption of hate for our own beautiful culture and nation, and then from the sordid and terrified perspective of the EU.

The UK’s popular perspective of Brexit is easy to identify: it’s the meme stated above.

Let’s compare that with the little-discussed EU’s perspective of Brexit.

The EU:

  • Is facing the prospect of the fifth largest economy in the world recommitting to its decades-old Commonwealth of 53 nations with a market of more than 2.2 billion people: four times the size of the EU’s market.
  • Will lose 75 million reliable consumers from its market and become a competitor with the UK, which will have the Commonwealth shipshape and Bristol fashion in preparation for any trade war the EU wants to pick with it and its old friends. Note: In assessing the outcome of this war, it is illogical to compare, as many EU-philes do, the alleged UK weakness upon Brexit with the alleged strength of an EU that has the UK as a member. The obvious logic is that the UK will get relatively stronger upon Brexit, because the EU will get relatively weaker due to the UK’s departure.
  • Will lose a reliable source of employment opportunities for its millions of EU employment refugees fleeing the Eurozone economic wasteland.
  • Will face the choice between having a hissy fit and losing their best customer, the UK, or biting their tongue to keep their best customer happy.

    WWI Commonwealth Fighters
    WWI Commonwealth Fighters
  • Would have to compete with an independent, free-trading UK that will likely play a strong leadership role for 2.2 billion-strong and growing market. A (politely) swaggering UK, still the EU’s best customer, would be at the vanguard of a little under half the world’s market share by population.
  • Will lose hundreds of billions of Euros in membership and other extortionate sums when the UK leaves, forcing the Commission, which will desperately need to replace the lost income just to keep functioning, to come up with ways to increase trade with the UK, not impede it, as some EU-philes dishonestly claim.
  • Will go from a club that boasts 4 of the world’s top 10 economies, to boasting just three, including Germany, which is starting to groan under the self-inflicted weight of limitless migration, and which will likely fall to 7th spot by 2030, and France and Italy, whose economies are so horrible, that France had to hire itself out as an assassin for Germany, and both, along with a host of other Eurozone casualties, need to dump their unemployed in the UK in a vain attempt to make ends meet.
  • Will be stuck with only four (pdf link) of the world’s top 20 economies, and only eight (pdf link) of the top 40 economies. Most of the membership costs of the 27 post-Brexit EU nations will have to be covered by the top three performing, and declining, EU economies.
  • Will be forced to accept Turkey — a large economy, but an economic and individual rights basket case — into the fold. This will further open the doors of the few EU donor nations to unrestricted migration of people even poorer than those currently arriving in such force.
  • Will lose — and will have to compete with — the UK’s historic and established global economic heft, which is particularly profound in the financial services industry.
  • Will likely see a sudden exodus from the UK of legal and illegal immigrants who will no longer be coddled by EU-imposed “human rights” and welfare rules, and who the UK will finally be able, like nearly 200 other non-EU nations, to disinvite.
  • Will be sitting next to a relaxed, prosperous, democratic and free UK, that has deliberately chosen to protect its citizens’ way of life over appeasing the insane totalitarian ideology of unelected EU Techncorats.
  • Will fear the Brexit ripple effect among other free-minded northern European populations, who see the EU exit door is open and who will want to run screaming through it.

Seen from the EU’s perspective, then, Brexit looks nothing like the propaganda that the BBC and its ilk have been shoveling our way for all of these years. The reality is that, without the UK, the EU becomes a ragtag collection of poor and fractured Eastern European welfare cases, a caliphate-friendly and increasingly fascist Asian state, a new urban battlefield for imported ancient feuds and wars from the Middle East and Africa, and a disgruntled and obscenely ignored core of northern European peoples being ordered to pay for the whole disaster by a gang of unelected Mafiosa.

The new and honest meme that needs to be established is that, without the UK, the EU will quickly devolve into impoverished, blood-soaked infamy. 

Which is just another way of saying that, from the EU’s perspective, the EU needs the UK far more than the UK could ever need the EU.

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