We Must Disarm Cameron Now, to Prevent a Post-Brexit Sneak Attack

Apparently, David Cameron will be sending the EU his definitive list of desired renegotiated EU membership terms early next month. That timetable will startle some and inspire others. But, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter, since we all know there’s nothing on the table that warrants continued EU membership, no matter when he releases his list. What does matter, is the contingency Cameron should have made for the government in the event of a Leave vote. So far as I know, he has made none. 

The contingency I’d like to see is an unequivocal, written and legally binding commitment that, immediately post Brexit, the government will repeal the 1972 European Communities Act. (ECA) This monstrous and treasonous Act is what (some say illegally) places EU law above UK law. It is also the source of the Technocratic, communitarian cancer known as EU membership, and it is the only way we have to deprive Cameron of his weapon of choice: deceit.

This might seem like overkill to some (the trusting and those unaware that Vichy Cameron is a compulsive liar), since a vote to leave the EU would logically require the eventual repeal of the ECA as a matter of course; that act can’t co-exist with national supremacy of law. But the fact is that, according to EU treaty, a vote for Brexit isn’t a vote to leave the EU. Rather, it is a vote to tell the EU that we intend to leave the EU following at least two years’ negotiations of post EU membership terms.

The two-year Leave-liberation lag sounds reasonable. Necessary, even; it will take that long wash the EU’s Technocratic, social-engineering stench off of the UK, so that we’re fit company for the rest of the world. But, justice delayed is justice denied; the two-year delay offers Cameron a window of opportunity to surreptitiously negotiate “improved” terms of our continued “associate” or other low-speed descent into totalitarianism, and dishonestly rebrand it as an exit

As some have already mooted, the idea then would be to put the renegotiated terms to another referendum. (We already know how the EU expects national referendums to be ignored and repeated until an acceptable response is returned.) A Brexit.20 referendum will infuriate some, but seem reasonable to many who don’t really keep up with EU-related goings-on. The upshot would be the EU sticking two fingers up to us, as it quietly locked the EU prison door behind us, for ever. 

The ONLY way to prevent this from happening is, to render impossible any sleazy Cameron U-turn, any opportunistic renegotiation, any second, third, fourth, fifth … Brexit referendum, and/or any other delaying or oppressive tactic that results in us remaining trapped inside the EU prison after we vote to leave it. Let’s not forget that Cameron has already said that he won’t honour a Brexit Leave vote. For him and his EU masters, No means Yes, and Leave means Remain.

If we are to ensure that those who vote in the EU referendum actually get the result they have all been falsely led to believe they will get — to Leave or Remain in the EU — then we must disarm Cameron of his arsenal of deception by repealing the ECA. If we don’t, Cameron, just like his duplicitous predecessors, Ted Heath and Harold Wilson, will defeat us, again.

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