Americans Are Cowards

Americans: You gotta love ‘em.

You can: lie to them; drown them; slaughter them in an illegal war; poison them; impoverish them; insult their intelligence; spy on them; taze them; you can abandon, defile and spit on their veterans; and you can imprison them indefinitely for no reason. You can even take an imaginary box cutter to their Constitution and then flagrantly build a police state around them, and what do they do about it?: They dutifully and meekly lick their own blood off of their masters’ knuckles, praying that the next beating won’t be so severe.

It must be said: Americans are cowards. Only cowards would trade their most precious, hard-won liberties for a handful of worthless shiny beads, otherwise known as the “War on Terror”? Only cowards opt for political and moral sloth as a response to a “government” that is systematically domesticating them into house pets – in their own house. Only cowards would willingly abandon their children to the odious Neoconservatives’ New World Order. The New World Order, of course, is the decades-old vision of the world that Bush senior openly invoked on September 11, 1991 that demands the eradication of all nation states and the establishment of a single, global police state.

Yet, rather than stand up to this violent assault on their hard-won freedoms, the current generation of Americans enables the creation of a “nation” that includes such monstrosities as “Free Speech Zones”Doesn’t the Constitution of the United States ensure that the entire country is a “free speech zone”? Isn’t that why so many Americans gave their lives in World War II? Indeed, the similarities between the substance and delivery of the Nazi threat to the US during World War II and the threats posed by today’s odious Neoconservatives are startling. Why wouldn’t they be? Consider that Prescott Bush, Grandfather to our current president, was punished by the US government for financially supporting Hitler’s Nazi movement while World War II was going on.vIn his 1994 book Secret War Against the Jews, John Loftus documents that “Prescott Bush knowingly served as a money launderer for the Nazis. Remember that Union Bank’s books and accounts were frozen by the U.S. Alien Property Custodian in 1942 and not released back to the Bush family until 1951.” In short: Our current President’s grandfather, also grandfather to the likely next president, was supportive of and actively engaged in fulfilling Hitler’s dreams of creating a master race and Nazi global domination.

So why has the current generation of Americans choked under almost the same pressure that spurred the World War II-generation Americans to victory? Sadly, this cowardice comes at a cost. Americans have chugged the Bush-cult “terrorist” Kool Aid for so long that, like all good cultists, they have embraced the cynical, perverse and magical world of their cult leader. It’s a magical place, not prone to physical laws, in which a 120-foot wide, 44-foot high passenger jet can completely vanish into a 16-foot diameter hole in the side of the Pentagon without breaking any of the building’s windows surrounding that hole, without leaving anything burned by jet fuel, and without leaving any aircraft wreckage whatsoever – not a seat, a tail section, an engine. Nothing. Yet, rather than demand that their president personally explain the source of this magic, cowardly Americans heel to the Bush administration’s ridiculous conspiracy theory that Osama bin Laden is just evil enough to have worked this magic, despite the FBI’s statements that there is absolutely no hard evidence whatsoever linking bin Laden to any aspect of 9/11.

The sad and obvious truth is that, having tasted their own blood, Americans are now such cowards that they would rather believe in magic than demand that their government stop lying to them, let alone hold individual government actors accountable for their patently illegal behavior. Americans’ cowardice also makes them gullible. For instance, Fox News, one of the US state’s TV propaganda mills, ran a propaganda spot for the Bush administration that warned that a prominent Al Quaida terrorist just published a book stating that terrorism will no longer involve large-scale, high visibility attacks, but, rather, will come in the form of smaller, more local attacks. (Neo-terrorism?) Considering that the US government has already lied and propagandized the country and the world into an illegal war, and that terrorists usually don’t communicate among themselves via Barnes & Noble, one has to question strongly the source of this alleged neo-terrorist manifesto, which is specifically designed to leave cowardly local American communities begging their government for 24/7 martial protection. When that happens, the odious Neo-cons will have successfully parlayed the groundless fear they have too easily manufactured among the US people for non-existent neo-terrorist bogie men into the establishment of a self-imposed police state.

Cowards don’t deserve freedom. Americans don’t deserve freedom. Time and time again, Americans have proved themselves unworthy guardians of the liberties they previously enjoyed. For instance, only a coward stands idly by while, in his name, his government illegally detains and tortures people who have been charged with no crime. Only a coward stands by and does nothing while a government prepares to launch another preemptive, ideologically driven military war – this time against Iran – in her name. Only cowards stand by and say nothing as their government signs treaties with foreign countries that allow the military of those foreign countries to perform lethal police actions against US citizens in the United States. (It’s not uncommon for dictators to surround themselves with foreign armies who don’t have the same reservations about using violence on domestic citizens that an army of family, friends and neighbors would have.)

If Americans want to reclaim their dignity and their country, then there is at least one silver bullet available to them. The few remaining brave Americans must demand that the President of the United States, flanked by as many technical experts as he needs, in a national public address, personally answer the simple question posed earlier: How does a passenger aircraft 120-foot wide and 44-foot high fit so snugly into – indeed, completely vanish into – a 16-foot-diameter hole and leave no wreckage? Every major national and international policy made in the past seven years, and a slew of policies yet to be made for decades to come, have been based on the President’s belief that it did fit, so why shouldn’t President Bush be forced to explain exactly how it fit?

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